Friday, February 16, 2007

One Step Forward... (Heather)

Wouldn't it nice to be one of those people who thrive on a challenge?

You know those people... a problem comes up and they come into their own, working out the perfect solution, feeling all enlivened and smug? I am not those people. At least not with knitting. I mean, my problem-solving skills are not totally remiss, it's just that with knitting, I see a problem, and I just have no desire to fix it... right away. It will eventually be fiddled with and some solution will be enacted, but until then, that project is inevitably shelved.

So, orange sweater? Meet design problem. Actually, it might be a body problem if you think about. You see, I wanted a nice fitted v-neck sweater, very collegiate. Very easy! All I need is a few waist-shaping decreases. I will measure my trunk and make a schematic to work from.

And herein lies the problem. After I measured, re-measured, got Mike to measure, even asked the cats for advice, the situation is clear. My waist is bigger than my bust. By about half an inch. Which is not significantly bigger, but certainly makes decreasing an issue. And really, who would think that I am such an odd shape to look at me? It is just simple body mechanics, I guess: love handles go all around, but breasts are only at the front.

Soooo... while I canvass family and friends for design tips, V-Neck A L'orange will be marinating in the WIP basket. Maybe I should have joined run-agogo?

Oh, if you want a progress pic on the Manos Odessa? Go back to my last entry. I finished the hat, (huh just accidentally typed 'hate' there) and discovered that it was half an inch too short. Since I am not willing to compromise on ear warmth on this one, it is now ripped back to the point at which you last saw it.

And, since I hate to blog without at least one photo, check out my almost-Flowering Quince!


Azura said...

Maybe we should join a yoga clas... I'm free Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after 5pm

(I probably didn't need to type all those days out, but I was typing while thinking when I work 9:30-5)

I could stand to get rid of some nagging love handles too.

Adriana said...

You're so brave to take on designing your own sweater. Maybe you should shelve this project for a little while until you're struck with inspiration for what to do.

spillyjane said...

is there a way that you could dispense witht he decreases altogether and just knit it straight? i can't see half an inch causing that many problems (fit-wise) but perhaps i'm missing something.

Rachel said...

You have my sincere sympathy about the sweater frustration. Can you look at any other sweaters you have whose fit you really like and copy their measurements rather than trying to guess which measurements will be most flattering on your body? Good luck -- I hope you get it figured out.