Friday, June 8, 2007

Drop Dead Exciting (Heather)

Not a great deal of creative juices flowing 'round these parts lately. I have had a fair amount of car/waiting time, which has produced most of a Mike-sock. It is really interesting how much longer it takes to knit a mens size 13 than a women's 6 (and I like them tight). But really, socks for me are just really quick these days... socks for Mike still take less time than my first few pairs took me. And I know he appreciates his handknit socks.

The good news is that I will definitely have enough yarn to finish these. I was slightly concerned when I started the second sock that I would run out. Definitely a downside to the 100g balls of sock yarn. I wish I had access to a scale to help me divide the yarn more evenly.

Speaking of which, the latest issue of Interweave Knits has a handy-dandy recipe for knitting socks toe-up, which I have only barely attempted. Perhaps it is time to give it a shot?

To distract you from the sad amount of knitting going on here, I took a picture of my tropical window garden:

From the front: Mutant Basil, Oregano, Double curl Parsley, Spearmint. The Basil grows a few leaves every single day... I started pinching it on top so that it grows outwards as well as upwards, but I think it just put out more leaves up there. The mint and oregano are just holding steadily, probably putting down more roots now that they have more root space. The Parsley? Well, it turns out that my dear sweet feline friend has developed a real taste for it.

There were originally three wee plants in that pot. I caught her with one of them in her mouth, root still intact, so I replanted it. The next day, only one stem remained. At least she will have fresh breath! I have moved the parsley between the oregano and the mint, hoping that their strong smells and flavours will discourage her. I am not holding my breath...


Mary deB said...

I want to try that sock recipe too. Must first finish present socks, but probably in a few weeks, I'll start. A two-person knitalong could be in order.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

You will have to give me the flat measurements for M's sock. I think it is time to start knitting for the men. Why do pets like to eat some of our favorite plants, our dog ate the asparagus tips and the strawberries.

Anonymous said...

mmm.. i know what you mean about dividing up the 100g balls of sock yarn. I am always nervous I'll run out half way through the second one, even with my tiny feet.

spillyjane said...

at least Molly will have fresh breath!