Saturday, June 2, 2007

Granny's Socks Photos (Adriana)

I finally got the pictures from Granny's party so I can prove to all y'all* that her socks do miraculously fit.

Perfectly fitting socks!
(Specs on socks found here)

Close up of the calf increases

Happy grandmother and granddaughter

Granny dances for joy (if you look closely you can see that even in the heat of May Granny wears her socks)

This proves that I will knit everywhere, even at a big family party.

*I have on the best authority (a music prof from Texas) that the plural of y'all is all y'all.


spillyjane said...

that last photo's an ideal profile pic for you, lady! y'know, if you ever submit a pattern to knitty, or need a new one for a blog or something.

Sam said...

My aunt from Alabama would concur. Nice socks btw! Are we still on for tomorrow after work? Let me know - send me an email! :)