Wednesday, July 11, 2007

May I Introduce.... (Heather)

I think I just flashed y'all a picture of my Coachella-in-progress without actually mentioning that I was knitting it. Well, I actually made some progress on it yesterday as I spent a fair amount of time on the subway, on the bus, and in a Tim Horton's. Air conditioning, baby!

It might be physically impossible to photograph this in progress. It is a racer-back top knit top down. Those holes are the armholes, and that thin strip in the middle is the back. It is a very interesting design, and if it fits like it is supposed to, I will be very very happy. I am knitting this in some fingering weight linen that Adriana handed off to me... I am holding it tripled, and while it is a little string-like before washing, it is not bad to knit with at all. No one is more surprised than me. Another plus is that the linen seems tangleproof, which is a really great feature in a yarn. I am crossing my fingers that it drapes nicely after a good wash, and perhaps an ironing.

I tried to get a shot of how the top will actually work:

If my arm was a neck...

At least you sort of get an idea of the orientation of the top.

In other news, Adriana and Gen gave me a birthday present!

Fleece Artist Sea Wool! Would it be copying to make Coupling?

It has been sweltering all week, and now that it has cooled down, I have a lot of housekeeping on which to catch up. But I have an urge to do something really fun this week. Any suggestions on what a gal could do in the big city?


Adriana said...

There must be tons of stuff to do in TO on the weekend in the summer. Maybe go to a concert or for a walk by the water.

Coachella is looking good. I'm glad you were able to find a use for that yarn. I love that second pictures. "If my arm was a neck..." had me laughing out loud at work.

I wouldn't be upset if you made Coupling. I think it would be neat to see the pattern in such variegated yarn.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Coachella is a great pattern, it is going to look great on you. Great seasilk. Go see a taping of Canadian Idol they seem to be a really talented group this year and the theatre is bound to be a/c.

spillyjane said...

that's a pretty colour...whenever i hear "Coachella" i naturally think of the huge music festival they have there every year.