Friday, August 31, 2007

Anatomy of a Log Cabin Square (Adriana)

It’s almost the long weekend (yay!) and I’m doing something exciting this year. Pete and I are heading up to the wilds of cottage country to hike and swim, and visit Gen (also so Pete can have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch a play take place at dawn on a lake, but I’ll be happy sleeping through that). As I was packing I had to make the most important of packing decisions: what knitting to bring. I finished the first Pomatomus sock but I didn’t want to be playing with charts on the drive (although miraculously I do have the pattern mostly memorized). I decided to take the drop stitch lace tank which should keep me busy but, as every knitter knows, you don’t want to run out of yarn or hit an impasse on a trip and not have a back up project. I grabbed the 7th Log Cabin Square to take with me (since fall is around the corner and one of these days my mom will be wanting her blanket). While doing so I realized that I had totally forgotten to blog about the 6th square.
This is the square that I was working on during the craziness of the Fringe show. As such, I have documented the growth of it during that time.

block 6a
The square in all its glory

anatomy of a square

1) backstage of 1st performance
2) rehearsing a particularly tricky scene (the confrontation, for those who've seen it)
3) 2nd performance & 3rd performance
4) chilling on my evening off
5-6) visiting with Jane and Dave after the 4th performance
7) Going to and from a friend's Fringe show
8) The evening after the 5th performance (after everyone had come, eaten ribs and left)
9) Relaxing in front of the tv after everything was done

And that’s the anatomy of a log cabin square :)
I hope everyone has a fantastic and relaxing long weekend!


spillyjane said...

i'm impressed that you managed to keep track of all that square-knitting during super busy Fringe-time. also, i'm glad to be "knit into" your square. :)

have a nice trip, lady!

Kare said...

That was cute.
Have fun on your trip.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Shades of the yarn harlot and how much she knits on her travels.

Bertha said...

Yay, have a fun long weekend!

Heather G. said...

Geez, you are already on the 7th square? Sheesh.