Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Behind (Heather)

Fall finally arrived this week. It was quite lovely to spend a moment each morning choosing a sweater to wear. And now that I can actually fathom the idea of wearing woolen socks, it occurs to me that I need more variety in my sock drawer!

Instead of wisely completing one of the three pairs of socks I have on the go for myself (I could open a sock singles bar!) I of course started a brand new sock.

Isn't there something deeply pleasing about a ball of yarn? Part of me realizes that I am nuts to be so appreciative of the aesthetics of string, but that part is generally shooshed by the part of me that reasons that I am certainly not alone.

Mmm.... red socks. The yarn is Regia Galaxy; a neat new creation that intentionally creates flashing and pooling reminiscent of the swirls on a gas giant. This colourway is called Jupiter Rot (though it should be called Hard to Photograph). I started it on the trip home for Thanksgiving, so when I realized that I had brought 2.5mm needles instead of 2mm needles, and that the pooling wasn't happening as it should when I could only cast on 56 stitches for my sock, the decision was made to convert these into a pair of socks for Mike. Guess I will have to tackle one of those second socks after all. (although, I do have some Kaffe Fassett Regia just begging to be knit up...) Pooling never looked so good!

I also hit the sewing machine a few weekends ago.

This fabric is apparently impossible to photograph. I used this tutorial (thanks, Bertha!). I used medium weight interfacing and two fat quarters I had picked up whilst out with Leslie last spring. I love the lining!

I think it is still a tad floppy for my tastes... can you double up interfacing? I know that I was too impatient and sloppy on the ends, but I know how to do better next time. And I saved my favourite fat quarters for the second attempt. Whenever I actually get a chance, that is!

I also got a start on my next store sample project (being a deputy returning officer for 12 hours + poor voter turnout = tons of knitting time)...

This is Bridges from Rowan 42 in Kid Classic 'Feather'. (You can see a lovely finished Bridges here)

The first repeat of this lace pattern kicked my butt. I wrote it all out and now I understand how it stacks up. Decreasing in pattern is the next challenge!


Bertha said...

Wow, your pouch came out so much better than mine! Good job! I also love those Regia socks! Such a pretty color!

Heather G. said...

Oh Bertha! Did you think I would show a close up of my wonky, not-even-remotely-parallel end seams? I know where to show more care next time.

I can't believe that Mike would wear socks with pink on them, but he is really excited for them!

Adriana said...

I'm impressed with your pouch. It looks great even if you don't want people to take a close look :)
Regia Galaxy is super cool. Something else to add to the Christmas list.

I'm going through a vest-loving phase and I think I need to add Bridges to the queue. It's beautiful.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

wowee!! I'm impressed with your sewing. Knitting looks great as well.

Azura said...

The bag looks great :)

Got free time this Thurs, Fri, or Sat? (or Sun?)

spillyjane said...

Nice fabric (and pouch) you've got there, lady!

happy2knit said...

That Bridges top is awesome. Can't wait to see yours... but do I really need something more in my queue? Love the pouch, too.

Rachel said...

What great projects! I'm so impressed and mystified by people's sewing successes.

As someone who has been building the contents of her sock drawer for the past six months, I can confirm that it is totally satisfying to select from a large and colorful array of wooly socks when the weather gets cold.