Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Square #12! (Adriana)

Here it is, the final square of the log cabin blanket:

block 12

Not only that but I'm halfway through seaming the blanket! I can't believe that my log cabining days are over and that this project is almost complete. I'm going to hold off on posting pictures of the finished blanket until I give it to my mom on Friday. I just can't wait! I love gifting my handknits, especially to people who love and appreciate them.

I've been feeling a bit of knitting ennui these days. Usually I can't wait to get through one project to jump into the next one. I do have Granny's socks to knit but those certainly don't inspire me. Since it's supposed to be getting cold out (one of these days. I can't believe how hot it was yesterday) I decided that a sweater is in order. One thing I was looking at led me to another and the next thing you know I've found a pattern which excited me: Chick Knits Ribby Pulli (I like the scoop-neck version). I think I'll use my red Mission Falls 1824 Wool with black cuffs.
It's nice to feel excited about knitting stuff again (I hate when I lose my knitting mojo). Now if only I could make myself feel excited about my homework :)


Bertha said...

Ooh!! I cannot wait to see it all seamed up!!

Rachel said...

If you ever do find a way to get excited about homework (or work in general), do let me know.

I can't wait to see the finished blanket! I'm glad your knitting ennui doesn't seem to be too long-lived.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

NEw sweater patern looks great.