Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Couple of Flannery's (Adriana)

For those who don't know, our friend Spillyjane has become quite the prolific sock designer. I think she is designing faster than she can knit the prototypes (which is the real reason why we often only see one foot modeling socks on her blog). She recently released the very beautiful Kethry, a lovely lace pattern based from a Japanese stitch pattern, I believe. I really wanted to knit it using the gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill yarn I won from B way back when, however, my life is much too busy right now for knitting from a chart. That's why I was thrilled when Jane came up with another new sock pattern, one that is easily memorized and thus much more practical for my life. She has called this one Flannery (I have no idea why).

I started Flannery a couple of days ago in the gorgeous purple and blue yarn that Heather dyed for me last summer as part of our Sock Yarn Challenge. Unfortunately, the yarn and the pattern didn't agree and it started pooling unattractively.
blue flannery
See, pretty pattern but not right for the yarn.

Usually I'd find a new pattern for the yarn, but since the purpose was to knit Jane's new pattern I had to find myself some different yarn. Luckily I have plenty to choose from so I selected the FA merino I got for my birthday from Heather and Gen and off I went again. Thankfully this yarn seems better suited to the patten.
red flannery
I hope you can see the lovely pattern. I really enjoy the little cable knots and the straight knitting is a nice relief from the cabling.

Jane, I salute your madd designing skillz!


spillyjane said...

The sock looks great in the FA merino! I was going to have the cable knots happen a little more frequently in the pattern, but I enjoyed those long stretches in between them as well.

Flannery is named after Flannery O'Connor, who was an American author. I visited her house in Savannah this past summer. This sock is the second in my series of socks that are loosely based on the South.

Bertha said...

Pretty pretty! I plan to buy this pattern myself soon, I'm glad she's finally charging for her work!

Team Knit ! said...

Those flannerys are looking awesome! great colourways.

- Julie