Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Than a Yardage Sale... (Heather)

It was a mob scene!

I wish I had taken a picture of the scene outside of the Textile Museum yesterday, but my camera ran out of juice. Those of you who have gone before will know of what I speak. Those of you who haven't? Just imagine every crafty person in Toronto mobbing one large tent (fabric), one small tent (yarn), and the entrance way (odds and ends).

Here is my haul:

Not too bad for $6, eh? I was expecting to have tons of stuff and need to use credit, but the crowds were too much for me alone. I think this is more of a team adventure, requiring mutliple scouts and better use of elbows.

The only fabric I ended up getting was this bundle of remnants for $1:

They are serged at the edges, likely samples meant for designers. Four pieces are about 12" square, and then two more pieces (both dark blue) are 12" x 16". I like the colours and the feel, and have not yet decided what they will be.

And then there is the yarn...

All fine, mostly coned. If anyone has plans for some monster laceweight project involving any of these colours, let me know. I don't really 'do' laceweight, but this was the only wool I saw (tons and tons of acrylic and some blends, though) and the price was certainly right (all of this for $5). I may save this towards the distant day when I take up weaving...

There has been some apathetic knitting and some considerably more productive sewing, but Gen's Anthropologie-inspired capelet has me somewhat inspired, so I may take a stab at that. And now, as everyone I know seems to be moving, it's off I go for a busy weekend! Have fun, everyone!
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Adriana said...

Looks like fun! There are entirely too many knitters taking up weaving these days and I want to join them!!

Good luck with the weekend of many moves.

Mary deB said...

Ack! I've been to that sale before, and the crowds are crazy. This afternoon I got 3 old Interweave Knits magazines at our school fun fair! Free! Tomorrow I might brave the diggers on Bathurst and go to a swap at Knitomatic in the afternoon. (And I hope to drop off more than I pick up!) Enjoy your laceweight -- you could hold a few yarns together and make a lovely multi-pink something!

spillyjane said...

Can I eat that laceweight? PLEASE??

I'm eyeing the pink snad the purples...bring them when I see you, lady!

Team Knit ! said...

would you believe i didn't know about this??? i need to stalk the ravelry forums more regulalry, it seems! great haul- i'm jealous!

- Julie

Anonymous said...

pretty colors! They would look great as a woven scarf, I think.
I've missed reading your blog. I'm glad to be back.