Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas Part One (Adriana)

Some of the pictures of my Christmas knitting are still residing on my mom's digital camera but I just couldn't wait to share what I have with the world.
First off, here is a great shot of the family Christmas tree.
Every year I am in charge of putting up the tree, a task I enjoy very much. It's often been said that if I didn't come home there wouldn't be a tree at all. I love it with it's multicoloured lights and ornaments which bring back memories. It might not be the classiest tree on the block but I wouldn't trade anything on it (except for that ornament of a bear fishing which came to us courtesy of my uncle :) )

I knit presents for three people this year: my mom, brother and granny. I can share pictures with you of the first two.
Last year for Christmas I knit a cabled scarf for my brother (photographic evidence here) so this year I decided to make him a matching hat. With his approval I made Swell from Knitty but I wanted to use fair trade yarn since he is socially conscious that way. I couldn't find any appropriate yarn in a matching colour so I decided to go with Frog Tree Merino (super soft, like Malabrigo) in white and dye it to match. Obviously much effort went into this project and it was totally worth it!
He loves the hat and had to show it off to Granny
(She's exclaiming over how soft it is)

The present I was most excited about gifting was my mom's sweater. I knit it this summer (I like to plan ahead) with yarn purchased by my dad (he buys, I knit; best combo EVER!). I used Malabrigo in Cuarzo and adapted Cosmic Pluto's V-Neck Raglan for the different weight. My mom's reaction was everything I could have hoped for and then some :)
Mom opening her present

Holding it up for all to see (it looks waaaay too big here but it's just an optical illusion)

Yay! It fits perfectly! Pretty good for a surprise sweater :)

Stay tuned for more pictures of Christmas knitting, including my granny's present and my between-Christmas-and-New-Years project, as soon as they are liberated from my mom's camera.


spillyjane said...

that is a gorgeous sweater, and it looks like a perfect fit! i take great pride in knowing that i knit a handful of stitches on that sweater.:P

i strongly suspect that our brothers were separated at birth. somehow.

Adriana said...

Spillyjane, I didn't remember you knitting some stitches on the sweater. Was I trying to show you how to knit continental? That's the only thing makes sense.

If our brothers were separated at birth, does that make us sisters? :)

spillyjane said...

yup, that's it exactly. it freaked me out to be knititng on such an important garment. i was afraid of messing it up somehow.

hah, you know, it might very well make us sisters. we do have an awful lot in common. :)

Heather G. said...

I am very glad that your surprise sweater was received with such appreciation! And Neil's hat looks fabulous on him. Congrats!

Genevieve said...

I like your shiny tree :)

And your brother looks a lot scruffier this year than in the picture from last year :)

And the hat is awesome :)

That's all :)

Samantha said...

Great sweater :) Your mom looks appropriately grateful, as does your brother. I hereby dub them and your grandma "knit worthy" and so you may continue to knit for them :) In case you needed my permission or anything ;-)

aija said...

Great holiday pics! Swell is on my to-knit list, neat to see it knit up in the colors you chose!