Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First you make a tube.... (Adriana)

In fall 2005 "someone" (*cough* Heather *cough*) told me that Mission Falls was going out of business. I had fallen in love with their worsted weight superwash wool so I bought enough to make three sweaters (for the record they were going out of business but are back now). I made Tempting exactly a year ago but decided against making any more sweaters until I'd gotten down to my goal weight. Since I'm almost there (10 more pounds to go!!) I decided to knit Tubey with wool purchased specifically for that pattern. After working at it for a little over a week I am now done the first tube (the arms and back) and ready to start the body. But I am suffering indecision regarding the striping of the body so I wanted to get some feedback.

Arms at sides

Look! I can fly!!

So, as you can see, I did three stripes just above the elbow. I still have a little over two balls of purple and a little less than two balls of the blue (and lots of the cream). Initially I had been thinking about doing the upper portion in cream and introducing the stripes around my waist but now I'm concerned about the corset effect. This is my first time working with stripes so I'm apprehensive that the end result will look terrible. Any thoughts on this matter would help greatly.


Heather G. said...

"Then you make a more different tube."

Tubey looks great! I wish I had tried to fly when mine was but a wee pair of sleeves.

You make it sound as if Mission Falls closing was my plot to make you stash.

Adriana said...

I have long suspected it was all part of your plot to increase the size of my stash :)

Rosemary said...

Here is a good way to play with design without having to knit and rip out until you are happy.
Print out your picture, nothing fancy just on a piece of paper. Then use a clear overlay, vinyl, plastic from a box or a ziploc over the top of the picture. Draw with a marker different stripes. Until you get what you like you could move the plastic up and down over the picture of your figure. Boy are you looking good! Another thing to try is a piece of card with your yarn wrapped around it. I somehow think narrow stripes in one area might work best. It depends on where you want the emphasis.

spillyjane said...

the corset effect might not be a terribly bad would make your waist seem even slimmer but it could make you look bigger on top. i think you should choose which body part you'd like to emphasize or minimize and then work the sweater accordingly. have you thought of doing the top stripey and the bottom in the cream? ultimately it's up to you, lady.

Adriana said...

Rosemary and Jane, you both have such good suggestions! I think I will try sketching things out tomorrow.

Rachel said...

I wish I'd known this when I was making my Tubey, but the key to good-looking stripes is the Fibonacci Sequence. This article does a decent job of explaining how to incorporate it into your knitting.

I love your color choices!