Sunday, January 28, 2007

Meme Take Two (Adriana)

Ok, Heather, you win. Here are my answers and you should know this cut into valuable knitting time :)

  1. I am a germaphobe which means that I have to wash my hands before touching anything which will go into my mouth. The exception to this rule is when I am comfy on the couch knitting (I always feel my needles are dirty) and I want to eat some candy I already have in front of me. Then I will grab it really quickly and toss it into my mouth. I feel that the speed with which I do this means that none of the germs have time to transfer.
  2. I am slightly obsessed with my cat. When I am away from her it’s not unusual for me to ask my boyfriend what he thinks she’s doing at that moment. Also, I got a little hysterical when she was taken to the vet to be spayed and I may have worried that they were going to give her a sex change at the same time [I knew at the time that I was being irrational but it kept me from any real worries about the procedure]. I also like to change the lyrics to popular songs to be about her and I may say that animals on tv (such as tigers and monkeys) resemble my cat.
  3. Although I am often a practical person, I do have hopeless-romantic tendencies and I have frequently gotten hooked on The Bachelor. I know I shouldn’t because they never really live happily-ever-after. I thought that living with my boyfriend would cure me of these tendencies (since I would be too embarrassed to admit that I’d been watching such trash) but unfortunately he works nights every other week which allows me lots of trash tv time. My recent viewing has included Flavor of Love 2 and Grease: You’re the One that I Want. I can quit any time, I swear :)
  4. I was home-schooled (that’s actually not weird thing number 4) and so I played by myself a lot. I used to love the Game of Life but there were only so many times that my mom or brother would play with me. Often I’d play it with myself but I always had a favourite car (the white one) and I would cheat to make sure that the white car always got the good job, the good house and had twins. Also, I invented the concept of getting an extra spin for your job-moon (you got to spin for your honeymoon so I thought it was only fair). My parents brought my old game here recently so if anyone wants to play, it’s so on!
  5. In keeping with Heather’s breakfast confession, I cannot function if I do not have my bowl of cereal first thing in the morning. Nothing else suffices, except on Christmas morning when my mom’s amazing apple muffins fill me up nicely.
  6. Although I have knit myself a number of sweaters, I barely ever wear them. I think I feel that they are too nice for everyday wear and should be saved for special occasions. I’m going to try to break this habit with Tubey and I will wear it to work on Wednesday!

Sorry for the lack of spacing, Blogger and I were not getting along.

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Heather G. said...

Very nicely done! I think you covered all the basics. I especially like number one. Those slow-mo germs don't stand a chance!