Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekends are for... meme-ing! (Heather)

I haven't knit a stitch yet this weekend... instead Mike and I have been alternating culture with cleanliness. On Friday I met him downtown, intending to try out the Beer Bistro, having heard great things. Apparently others had also heard these great things, since the place was so packed we couldn't even get in to mill around. We headed off to a quieter place and I had my first Stella (very refreshing and clean!). We then wandered home, cutting through Nathan Phillips Square, stumbling on a Philosopher Kings performance. It's Winter City! We have already made plans to go back for the Mobile concert next Friday. This also explains why the restaurants of the city are hoppin'!

Saturday we did some mid-winter cleaning. The bedroom looks foreign now... we keep walking in and just looking around in amazement. All in all, I haven't knit a stitch! Which means it's time for a meme:

6 Weird Things about Me!

1. Although I was a breakfast cook for 6 summers, I rarely eat breakfast. (perhaps it is because I was a breakfast cook for 6 summers?). I guess that isn't too weird.

2. Fresh air and sunlight make me extremely sleepy. I sat down to pet my dog in a patch of winter sun once and feel fast asleep on the floor.

3. When I was young I thought I was Laura Ingalls Wilder and called my parents 'Ma' and 'Pa'. There may have also been an apron involved.

4. There is a specific order in which dishes can be washed in my house, and I either cringe or fly off the handle if this order is not observed.

5. At our wedding reception, the head table was seated in front of a mural of the Parthenon, which featured likenesses of the bride and groom!

6. I always have a beautiful calendar, and never write on them because it would wreck the pictures, so this year I purposely bought a calendar that was not by a favourite artist so that I would get more use out of it.

I am sure that there are much weirder things about me, I just can't think of them right now. Commenters who know me can feel free to contribute :) In the meantime I think I might have a nap, since I just got in from outside. Three cups of coffee is no match for a walk in the fresh air!

I tag Adriana, Jane, and Kate!


Adriana said...

I can think of one: you cannot function in the mornings until you read your knitting blogs :)

Also, you love buying yarn more than actually knitting things.

You're a Jeopardy queen!

This is fun :)

fabricfan said...

You just seem happy when I do dishes at your house.

Rachel said...

I can relate to the Laura Ingalls Wilder thing. I was totally obsessed with all things "old-fashioned" when was young. My greatest wish was to wear a petticoat.

It sounds to me as though you're just the right amount of weird.