Saturday, February 3, 2007

Knitting in Public (Adriana)

Though there has been much knitting, at least by me, nothing has reach photographing stage so I've decided to distract you with pictures of knitting in public.

This picture was taken at the airport on our way to Vancouver in May 2005. I had just relearned how to knit about 3 days before that so I was still practicing on acrylic. Heather is knitting a quick woolly sock for me.
(Click here to see what our guys were doing while we were knitting)

Here I am knitting at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I'm afraid that I'm not as brave as the Yarn Harlot and able to give my knitting a real thrill (plus I was knitting a poncho which is a little more dangerous to dangle from a bridge than a sock).

Well, that seems to be all of my knitting in public pictures. Maybe Heather has some to share.


Michael said...

The World Weekly News is great for reading on the plane. It's trashy and shocking. There was a great article in that issue about Aliens getting babies addicted to crack while they were still in the womb.

Heather G. said...

I have been remiss in knitting lately. Gen is helping me stash dive today to rectify the situation.

I forgot about those woolly socks!

Adriana said...

I wear them when it's cold out, like today!

Stash diving sounds like fun! Let me know what sorts of goodies you come up with.