Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Saga of the Trekking Socks (Adriana)

I've been having some unsatisfying knitting these days. First there was the whole thing with the Manos hat, which I still haven't figured out. Now I've run into problems with my Trekking sock.

Before Christmas Heather and I decided to help each other out with Second Sock Syndrome. Since the first sock is the fun one to knit and the second one always drags, we thought that by knitting one sock and then giving it and the remaining yarn to the other person, we would eliminate SSS. I knit up a footsie sock from Heather out of some Austermann Step and she decided to finish the Trekking sock which she was started but which turned out to be too big for her, coincidentally the perfect size for me.

I dove right into this sock and greatly enjoyed the transitioning colours. I measured it carefully, trying to copy what Heather did which fit me perfectly. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I screwed up.

The perfect sock

The imperfect sock

It looks like I started the heel too soon. I like a tight sock but this is too tight. I just can't face ripping back several days' work so I'm putting these socks on ice and turning to Odessa and a mystery project (sneak peek here).


spillyjane said...

ah lady, i feel your pain. i too am at a similiar impasse regarding my second spindle sock. i have to rip out and re-turnt he heel and i just can't bring myself to do it.

still, your trkking socks look great! that yarn looks like it would be a lot of fun to work with.

Heather G. said...

At least the Trekking is fun to work with!! I feel your pain. The irony is that your sock would probably fit ME.

Azura said...

oooo... mystery knitting :)

I haven't even cast on my second sock, although technically the first one isn't finished yet. Meh.

I am, however, becoming an expert hat knitter. And eventually I will start my sweater and redo the baby blanket. Heather will have to be my strength and rip that out out for me.