Friday, February 23, 2007

Past Square One (Heather)

Yesterday I really got my knit on and finished the first square of my long-term log cabin quilt (a la Mason-Dixon Knitting).

It is about 14 inches square, unblocked. This will make for a roughly 45" square quilt if I do nine blocks. I will definitely have enough yarn for 9 blocks because I almost made it through this square using one ball of Noro, and since half the blocks will take less Noro, it should all work out nicely. Not sure I would have enough left over for three more blocks, but anything is possible. Let's see how I am feeling when I get that far. There is certainly enough Selkirk to do another three blocks and even a border. So I'm cruising!

It seems this project might be the answer to my knitting slump: even socks require some thought, but all I have to worry about in knitting these squares is how many garter ridges I've knitted. Even the picking up of stitches is a breeze. And I am (easily amused as it makes me) constantly charmed by the emerging colours of the Kureyon:

Both yarns are about equally rough on the hands, but since I am not intending monogamy to this project, that will be fine with me.

I finished Odessa, and it has a certain papal quality to it. The hat curse lives on! Pictures and a team post to come.


Adriana said...

It's beautiful!!! You definitely made the right choice for this yarn, both in terms of project and pairing it with the Selkirk. In a few years, when you're done, I look forward to snuggling under this blanket :)

spillyjane said...

that is going to be one fun blanket!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

The first square looks great. What a neat project.

Azura said...

i gotta stop doing similar projects as you. your one square puts my baby blanket to the utmost reaches of shame.