Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thar be Snow! (Heather)

I have not seen snow like this in Toronto before, that's for certain. After Mike went to work, I was startled by a peal of thunder, upon which I discovered that the skies had opened up in a fairly brief but very energetic snowstorm. The flakes were HUGE! Easily the size of a loonie. I used the sports setting on our camera to try and catch the size and multitude of the snow:

These pictures were taken at 8:30, by ten the tree was snowless yet again. I left these pictures quite large, so just click to see them full-size.

Apparently it is not only new Torontonians who find this freak snowfall surprising!

I actually picked up the knitting last night, perhaps this bout of ennui is slowly coming to an end, along with February?

ETA: just a public service announcement to add that Grey's Anatomy is airing at 7:00pm tonight, not 8:00pm. I find it really odd that they would mess with an episode like this one to accommodate American Idol on Canadian TV...


Adriana said...

Dood! Those pictures are awesome! Crazy storm.

We had snow this morning too but no entertaining thunder. Cleo enjoyed chirping at the fat flakes flying by.

Azura said...

I was driving to work in that... I can't wait to move closer.

spillyjane said...

my knitting, too, is in a rut (again.) though i'm picking up my latest parcel from elann tomorrow, which means i'll be casting on for Birch soon.