Sunday, March 4, 2007

Audrey Piece One (Adriana)

Audrey is a really fun knit. There's lots of body shaping which keeps things more interesting than knit in 2x2 rib for 35 miles :P

This is either the front or the back (they are made the same).

Check out these sexy decreases :)

I was confused by the armhole shaping instructions but I trusted the pattern and they turned out great!

I have a concern about this project. You see, although I got stitch gauge, my row gauge was off. I'm getting 26 rows over 4 inches instead of 30 rows. It didn't occur to me that this could be a problem since I haven't knit a sweater with so much shaping in it. When I finished the body shaping, the instructions said to knit until you reached 34cm. I was exactly at that length at that point. When I knit the armholes it said to work a further 20 rows until piece measures 47cm but I reached that measurement in 12 rows.
I'm not sure what to do. My instincts tell me that since the piece is the right length then it should fit alright. The darts are a little out of place and the armhole curve more slowly but I think it should still be ok. Anyone see a flaw in this theory?
I was also thinking that I could make this the back and when I knit the front I could speed up the increases in the body which would keep one of the increase ribs from falling right on my breast (can I say breast in a knit blog post?). Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think definately do some mods so you dont have the increase right on your breast. And you can totally say that in your post. I mihgt try to find some way to work it into mine tonight.
And it loocks lovely, by the way.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I love that type of shaping on a garment. The colour will look great on you. I mulled your question for awhile. How do you feel about blocking that piece now? I'd get a big piece of paper and draw out the schematic to the proper size and compare. Measure from where your shoulder joins your neck to your bust point or apex. Mark it on the schematic. You will then be able to see how the increase line up with you. I had thought about drawing out the schematics on some of Lousie Harding patterns to see where the design would rest on me.

Heather G. said...

I would second Rosemary on the blocking front... Calmer might grow a bit when washed if I remember correctly?

You have made some amazing progress!! Looks fabulous!

Rachel said...

In terms of the armhole shaping, if you were only off by 8 rows from what they expected over the total armhole height, I'm guessing the armholes are definitely going to be fine. As for the darted shaping, yes, I think you should adjust the increases for the front. I can't think of any immediate reason that this would be a problem. Especially if it's fitted (which, if I remember correctly, it is, right?) Again, you're only talking an inch or two, right?

Good luck with the rest of the sweater -- it's a great pattern!