Saturday, March 10, 2007

Roots of Pathos (Heather)

Don't worry, the following post is not as dire as the title suggests. A pothos vine I renamed my pathos vine suffered a dehydration trauma a few months ago, and to remedy this, for some reason I clipped off the vine from the stem and stuck it in a handy bottle of water.

Only after I had done so was I mildly corrected, that it would take months for the slip to take roots, and that the long vine would quickly die. Well, there were more than a few leafy casualties, but the majority of the leaves stayed green, and now...

Roots!! I didn't kill it after all!! My mother, when I sent her this picture, wisely recommended that I transfer the slips to a new, more wide-necked container, as the roots would keep on growing, but the neck of the bottle would not. Since I would rather not go the mess and bother of breaking the bottle in situ, I will do so.

I had a post all ready in my head the other day, but a head cold and a busy schedule kept me from realizing its potential. I even had it photographed!

The trekking sock was a creature of fits and starts. In one sitting I knitted the cuff and about three inches of sock. In the next sitting I knit to the heel. Then the heel and half the foot, then the foot and the entire toe. Since usually a sock is a long gradual process for me, it was interesting to note that although none of these sittings happened in the same day, it would be entirely possible for me to knit a sock in two days, possibly even in one, if I had the right motivation and particularly strong wrists. Alas, I am a sucker for a distraction, and I finished the first sock (for all intents and purposes; I will graft them both together) in five days of very intermittent knitting.

And i virtuously cast on for the second sock in the same sitting as I finished the toe of the first. Last night I made a lot more progress on socke the seconde and it is halfway to the heel already. I have intentionally made these socks as long as I can without requiring increases to accommodate my calves. I know that five days is not that impressive for knitting one sock, but it seems encouraging to me, and confirms that sock-knitting might be just the thing to get me out of my knitting slump.

Speaking of sock patterns, dis anyone else get twitchy when they saw Clessidra? The only thing stopping me from casting on rightthisminute is that I have enough yarn in only one colour: grey. It's even the called-for Regia Silk, but will grey properly convey the richness of the pattern? And how would they look on my pale chicken legs?? The debate rages.

In other news, my windowsill is a veritable bumper crop of blooms! It looks like the final count will be eight blossoms from two bulbs.

Sure brightens up the room!


spillyjane said...

i'm with you on Clessidra--she's definitely on my must-knit list.

and on the must-buy list--TREKKING. i think i like that colourway your using better than the 100.

spillyjane said...

also, i think Clessidra would look amazing in grey--they'd be classic and netrual socks that would go with any number of cute mid-length skirts. i say go for it!

Samantha said...

I do enjoy that pattern as well but since I have been doing barely any knitting lately, that pattern will be on the to-do list for a while. Sure, go for it in grey, especially if you have it in your stash! :)

Heather G. said...

I will ponder this grey matter (hee) over the weekend. In the mean time, I am pondering a much crazier proposition!!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Love the treking socks, I'd be at about the same spot as you, but once again the heel is doing me in. I like your colour better.

Adriana said...

The sock looks great. Gotta love the Trekking.
I think Clessidra would be gorgeous in a nice neutral grey. And you could wear it with business skirts at the fancy new job you're bound to get any day now :)

I'm glad the pothos is doing well. You're taking better care of it than I would have.

I'm curious about your crazy proposition! Does it involve elves?

Anonymous said...

i wants some trekking socks, yes I do.
But where to get the yarn?