Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Debate (Heather)

"So, it is pretty warm out there. All the snow is gone"
"Yeah, but it won't last. It never does."
"Oh Phlox, you are such a pessimist."

What? The conversation was obviously taking place. And it mirrors a few dialogues I have held (with humans) in the past two days. Temperatures of 14 degrees do not a spring make, not when the snow will be returning on Friday. Don't rush spring, folks! It will come, it will come.

Against every likelihood I knit another selkirk swatch.

I don't seem to have 3.75mm needles, or more likely I do have them and can't find them anywhere. So I went down to 3.5mm, and it seems to be fine. I measured once, got gauge, then threw it away before it could change.

I cast on the back last night and got the ribbing done this morning. I want to add 2 inches to the length of the sweater, but I decided to add it to the pattern instead of the rib. I like the proportions of the sweater as it is shown, and I think that adding in pattern will least disrupt that. It is cooking along at a fair rate.

I am cabling without a cable needle, and that seems to be working quite well for me. As always with cabled items, I am constantly impressed by how fast it seems to be moving along. I blame it on the mentality of 'well, there are only three more rows until the cable row, so I will just get that far before I put it down'.

The photo is fairly true to the colour (I love our camera) though the yarn is a little less luminous than the photo suggests. It is not a soft wool, but it has great body, and it really makes the cables 'pop'. It doesn't have any tweedy bits (only lots of straw) but I think it is the perfect stash yarn for this project. Serendipity! I bought it from Ram Wools during a Valentine's sale, and am currently very happy that I did.


Adriana said...

Wow, the sweater is looking great!

I love your kitties :)

spillyjane said...

oh, it's pretty...

i need to practise my cabling one of these days.

Azura said...

Remember how we were talking about the fact that you borrowed some needles of mine and I couldn't remember if you gave them back? Well, I found them during the move, so either you sneakily hid them in my new bedroom, or you did return them after all. Either way, now we don't have to worry about it (just in case you were worrying. I wasn't)

No more silly word verifications ;)

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Love the cat photo, and the sweater will be beautiful. I am glad the word verifications is gone, I have never had a more bizarre group of letters.

Michael said...

I'm glad that our window sill is so photogenic. The pictures look great!