Friday, April 20, 2007

Buttons buttons buttons (Heather)

I haven't got too much done since my last post, but I have been creeping along on Evie. It has been a somewhat busy week, though the next few promise to be fairly hectic too. I am at the neck shaping of the first piece, and since the second piece is identical, it should be a fairly simple thing to get done. I have been engaging in a bit of much needed spring cleaning as well, and Adriana (along with dozens of bloggers out there) is trying to melt my brain by throwing pictures of gorgeous quilts at me.

In the meantime, I was pondering buttons. I almost forgot that Salina calls for four buttons (I could have sworn it was more) on the lapel. I went through my button stash (this is not a big stash, but I have accumulated a few nice pieces). These are the only buttons I have that are in the right size range.

(that's a quarter, for scale)

Courtesy of Rosemary, for my graduation last spring. I tried to capture the colour, but without a cloudy sky, there wasn't a lot of ambient light for picture taking (not that I am complaining about the gloriously blue sky!). The buttons are dark charcoal, almost like hematite, with the same gentle sheen as an oil slick on a puddle. They are mostly matte. Now, in this picture the red of the Felted Tweed is not quite right, so here is a better look at yarn colour:

Are these the right buttons? I really hate to break them up to only use four out of ten, so I am inclined to keep my eyes out tomorrow when we hit Queen Street West for unrelated purposes. Any comments? Suggestions?


Adriana said...

I think they would work but, as you said, it would be a shame to break them up. Why don't you look out for something else knowing that you do have these at home in case nothing calls out to you.

Quilty quilty quilty!!!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

The buttons look great, I'd still look on Queen St., but then I have a few pounds of buttons. There is nothing wrong with breaking up a set of buttons, better to have too many than be one short of the number needed.

spillyjane said...

live dangerously--split up the buttons! there will always be other buttons to acquire. besides, if you only use four, you'll still have six left over, and that's more than enough to use on a whole other Salina.

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else: I think the buttons look great and I wouldn't worry about splitting them up.

Rachel said...

Hmmm. Well, by now you've already gone looking for other buttons, but I'll give my opinion anyway. I think those buttons would be very nice with the sweater, but I think you could definitely find others that you like at least as much if not more, and then you wouldn't have to split up the ten.

I hope you found something!