Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sock Stuff (Adriana)

I'm really liking this whole team-blog thing. It's great to have someone to pick up the slack when you're not able to knit, or when your knitting is boring to photograph. Although I've been knitting every day I don't feel like I have much to show for it. I've been working on socks which are slow going. I finished the first Monkey sock last night so I finally have something to show off!

Unfortunately this is a difficult sock to photograph.
Here are some other attempts:
I will try to get some better pictures when the pair is done. Maybe then I'll get someone else to photograph them rather than throwing my leg up on the dining room table in an attempt to catch the last of the natural light.

I also decided to model the first foot of the Granny socks.
The Regia silk is so dreamy to wear. According to Heather the solid colour is actually softer which just feeds my desire for more of this yummy yarn. I do have a birthday coming up...

Curious about the state of the mates?
Yeah, I have some knitting to do.
I don't really have a deadline besides the May long weekend (Granny's birthday) but I might have put in three (3) orders for yarn last week which should be showing up soon and I'd like to have as lot done on these socks before I get seduced by my new precious.

On a less happy sock note, when I went to put on my Dragon socks this weekend I made a worrying discovery:
Eeek! Holes! I have barely worn these socks so they can't be from wear. It looks like the yarn was cut in two places. I inspected my other handknit socks but none of them show any damage. Just to be on the safe side I tossed all the socks into the freezer. Moths seem to most logical explanation for holes in knitting but I just can't figure out how they got into my sock drawer. I live in an high-rise and we haven't opened our windows since last fall.


Heather G. said...

Pictures look fine to me!

I really do think that my Regia Silk Clessidra is significantly softer. Perhaps it is the dye?

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I have long legs and still can't get a decent picture of my own feet wearing socks. Maybe we should be on the lookout for a mannequin leg. Just one more thing to store. Great looking socks, You'll have to do a magical kind of graft to fix the holes.

Emma said...

The Monkey socks look beautiful. The holes, not so much! Stupid moths.

Azura said...

Does this mean you're going to have frozen moths in your freezer? ew...

I have lots of knitting projects that I want to bring to London with me, but I'm going to settle on two (or three) :) Must. Finish. Baby blanket!

spillyjane said...

hey lady, nice sock! we have that same purple koigu!