Sunday, April 1, 2007

Flash Your Lonely Stash (Adriana)

Today is Flash Your Stash Day! I don't really have much of a stash (unlike some who will go unnamed *cough* Heather *cough*) so I thought it was be rather boring to show it off. Instead I went through and took pictures of the lonely balls of yarn which remain projectless (I'm one of those weird knitters who will usually just buy yarn with a project in mind). I thought that I could take advantage of the brain power of our readers and hopefully some projects can be thought of to make use of these lovely yarns.

On a side note, I'm feeling rather directionless knitting-wise right now. I was knitting away on Sizzle, fully intending to finish it soon, when my repetitive stress injury started acting up again. I think it's a combination of my job and knitting with cotton, since when I work with wool I don't seem to have a problem. Consequently Sizzle has been shelved until my job finishes at the end of April. To tide you over until then here's a picture:
I have finished the waist decreases and would have been able to start the increases.
I had been hoping to make Green Gable next with some gorgeous green Hempathy but that's out of the question until next month.

So I need your help to come up with projects for my lonely stash.

300m of Inca Gold Sport (bulky alpaca), 300m of Warani (worsted alpaca/wool) and 90m of DB Cashmerino Aran.
Originally purchased to make a matching cabled hat and scarf, I am no longer interested in that project.

125m DB Pure Silk, 110m Classic Elite Lush (light worsted angora/wool), 100+m Warani (alpaca/wool)

Assorted bits of Mission Falls wool left over from Tubey. The 2 white and 1 purple are complete balls while the rest are less. Since this is superwash I was thinking about using it to make baby gifts but I'm not sure what.

An unknown quantity of fingering weight cashmere given to me by a relative. I was thinking about doubling this but I'm not sure what to make of it. The colour doesn't worry me as I could overdye it.

And just for fun:
It's Cleo buried in yarn!

So... any ideas? I'd like to add that I have Heather's One Skein book with me but it hasn't been much help with these yarns (it has helped with others as will be revealed in a future post).
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


spillyjane said...

ever consider using that cashmere for a lacy shawl or a wrap? you wouldn't even have to double it.

my suggestions for small quantities of yarn generally run along the lines of small felted items (coasters, pouches, etc.,) sachets or thin stylish scarves. hope that helps, lady!

Heather G. said...

I am sure I have something that you would be happy to trade the Lush for ;) I love me some angora.

If your granny has cold feet, maybe the Inca Gold or the Warani would help? Warmest socks ever.

I have a selection of stash to flash for everyone's viewing pleasure...

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I won't be flashing my stash, although I might just take a picture of the various containers full of yarn. I am of no help with suggestions.