Saturday, May 5, 2007

Knitting and Sewing on a Fine Spring Day (Adriana)

The weather has gotten so beautiful and yet I am inside working on my crafts instead of outside playing. My excuse is that I walked back from the gym and I'm also a little concerned that I'm getting sick. Keep your fingers crossed that I am not as Heather will be in town next week and I don't want to miss a moment of our time together.

I swung by Fabricland on my way home from work last night and availed myself to some of their cheap cottons (3 for the price of one!). You see, I've been inspired by the quilting projects of other knitters and have been infected by the quilting bug. The only way I could think of to exorcise this daemon (short of actually making a quilt and even I am not that crazy) is to make some mini-quilts! I cut some pieces last night, did a little sewing today and tada!
mini quilt1
It's a little quilt! This was more a test to see if I actually could do it and I can! (I used the tutorial here as a starting point) The pinning and sewing was easy; it was the cutting where I ran into trouble. You see, I had neglected to buy any proper cutting tools so I made do with small knitting scissors and a cardboard template I cut from a Shrek yogurt carton. Perhaps Heather would be so kind as to bring her cutting paraphernalia to visit me for the next time I do this.

That's right, I want to do more sewing! This small piece just made me want to do more. I hate knitting something without a purpose and the same goes for sewing so I've decided that my couch needs another cushion. I want to model the cushion top after the Around the World quilts and use all three of my fabrics.
I know these colours don't exactly work together but the price couldn't be beat.

The couch is blue so I want that to be the main colour of the cushion top. Here are the colour schemes I have come up with:
cushion colours
(Excel doesn't have beige so a light yellow had to suffice.)
I'm having trouble picking which would to go with. Any opinions? (I know you have one!)

And to show that my title isn't totally incorrect, I have also been knitting, working on the birthday bolero.
ev - gauge swatch
I'm getting to be such a good little knitter. I knit a proper swatch, 5 inches by 5 inches, with a garter stitch border and then I washed and blocked it! All my hard work was worth it when I nailed both stitch and row gauge!

ev - back
This might not look like much but it is actually the first few inches of the bolero back. I promise better pictures when I have more to show for it.

Now stop reading the blog and go play outside!


spillyjane said...

nice work! i can see how quilting could be addictive.

as for colour schemes, i'm voting for the second one from the top.

Anonymous said...

I too am addicted to the quilt. And I just got a new sewing machine this week! Shame I dont have any time to use it!
I'm with spillyjane. Second from the top for the colors.

Heather G. said...

Stitch AND row gauge? Impressive indeed. I can't wait to mess around with fabrics this week!!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Mini quilts were all I ever managed. Neat colour.

Rachel said...

One could argue that all your hard swatch work would have been worth it even if you hadn't gotten gauge -- that is to say, wouldn't you be glad to know that you were about to knit a garment that wasn't going to fit at all? Still, definitely glad for you that you got spot-on gauge.

I hope you didn't get sick!