Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blocks 1 & 2 (Adriana)

Apologies for the lack of updating recently. Heather and I are both working full time right now which leaves less time for knitting (at least for Heather who has an hour commute each way) and less time for blogging.

I have still been knitting like a fiend. I'm done the back and both fronts of the birthday bolero. I need to do some finagling for the sleeves so it's been put on hold until I can measure the recipient's forearms.

This has given me some time to work on mom's log cabin blanket. I enjoy before and after shots so bear with me.
This yarn has become this:
block 1
And this:
block 2

That's right, two squares are done! I'm 1/6th of the way through a blanket!
blocks 1 and 2
Here they are together.

I had my doubts about the colour combo when my mom picked it out but I should have trusted her colour sense (since she is an artist and all) because it looks fantastic!!
Here are some details about the planned blanket: each "square" is 14" by 15" and I'm making 12 of them which should result in a blanket which is 56" by 45". I think that will be the perfect size for a couch blanket.
Log cabining is really addictive. Each strip goes by so quickly that you just want to do another and another and another! This project has definitely replaced socks as my mindless knitting... at least for now :)

Also, I may have fallen in a fabric store and when I got up I'd accumulated this:
sewing supplies
Top from left to right we have: big ruler, bias tape, zipper, thread, 25th anniversary edition rotary cutter
Bottom: yellow scissors (when I was little the yellow scissors were the fabric ones), fabric for this dress, fusible.

I'm totally psyched to start working on my dress but I will be a good girl and finish my outstanding projects first, namely the bolero and my quilted cushion.


spillyjane said...

the log cabin blanket is looking good! i didn't know your mom was an artist!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

All your work looks very exciting.