Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mini-Post (Adriana)

This is just a mini-post since I don't have much to show for myself. The bolero is moving along as is the third log cabin square but neither are ready for photographing. I decided instead to show off what I made on Sunday.
I had mentioned recently my desire to make a cushion for the couch so that the boyfriend and I would stop fighting over the two we already have (also I don't like to make things without a purpose but you know that's the secondary reason). Thanks to my lovely new sewing paraphernalia I was able to do this in an afternoon (and a bit of an evening after The Simpsons).

quilt top
quilt bottom
I haven't bought filler yet so it's not a functioning cushion but it will be one day!

Details: the top is based on the Around the World quilt pattern. I wanted a box-shaped cushion (for want of a better description) to match the others on the couch. I decided to use the blue from the top because I had it already (who needs a better reason?). I went into this having no idea how to make corners but what I lacked in knowledge, I made up in gumption. I decided to just give it a try since it's so nice and easy to rip out sewing (a million times easier than with knitting!). I gave it a go and, miracles of miracles, there was a corner! I just kept on going and suddenly I had a real three-dimensional box. It was thrilling. Now I can't wait to do more sewing.
Stay tuned after the long weekend when I begin making my dress!


spillyjane said...

looking good, lady! can't wait to see it stuffed!

Heather G. said...

Very impressive start to your sewing career!

Mary deB said...

Funny what you say about ripping out sewing! I always figure if you make a mistake in knitting you can rip and remake it right, but a mistake in sewing and you're done for! I guess my mistakes often involved the cutting rather than the sewing.... A funny shaped sleeve can be reknit with the same yarn, but a badly cut fabric sleeve just means you need to go buy more fabric.

Bertha said...

Hey, that looks great! I love that blue fabric!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

NIce combo of colours. Home furnishings are very satisfying to sew.

Rachel said...

Wow, I'm seriously impressed that you just winged it and those were your results. Looks great! Very handsomely boxy.

Your Noro log cabin squares are also looking really good -- what an great combination of pattern and yarn!