Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dye Swap Socks (Heather)

As Rosemary has posted, I participated in a three-way yarn swap in which we dyed yarns according to each person's request. I asked for yarns based off of Kaffe Fassett quilting cottons. Rosemary based hers off of his Dahlia Blooms, the 'succulent' colourway, and I think she is spot on!

Considering I don't think I got too close with hers, I am really really impressed with her achievement here.

I asked for Knit Picks Donegal Tweed as the base yarn... I was curious about the tweedy flecks. I love how they work with the colours Rosemary chose! I particularly love that patch of swampy green there. I am obsessed with this yarn! I stared at it while I finished Mike's socks, and then finally, I got to wind it.

I should have waited for Mike to help me... winding this by myself was a pain! Now I feel bad for the super-long skeins I have given people. This one wasn't even that long! Molly was not very helpful, I must say, though very attentive.

I was all ready to cast on for Coupling, but I didn't know how the colours would show up with the lace pattern, and really, this yarn is ALL about the colour. After a huge test swatch to see how things would land, I just cast on for a plain sock, and spiced it up with a picot hem. I must say, I could have really used a lace Addi for picking up those cast on stitches to knit the hem in. It was a bit of an ordeal with the regular Addi. The end result is very cute, though! In my humble opinion.

Aren't the colours fabulous?

And those tweedy bits?? (Jane, you can't pull them out over the internet, sorry!)

Amaya's knitting is done, she is now very slowly blocking. It doesn't help that the city is so humid that moving around the house feels like swimming... Once she is dry, there is some sewing and a quick trim around the armholes and done!

I also have the lovely yarn that Adriana dyed for me, but it has not yet been fittingly photographed. I suddenly want to knit every nice sock pattern that I can find! Summer of the socks?

Also, speaking of the new Knitty, does anyone else love Coachella like I do? I just happened to notice that the gauge is appropriate for Bamboo Tape. How luscious would that be?


Adriana said...

I can't believe how gorgeously that yarn is knitting up! I wonder if making the skein larger helped. I may have to give that a try next time I dye.

Bertha said...

You know what, seeing it on the skein, that yarn didn't do a lot for me (For some reason I can't visualize how something will knit up unless it's been reskeined), but I LOVE LOVE how it's knitting up!! And the picot hem is SO cute, I have to try that on my next pair of socks!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Glad that you are loving the yarn. I love that top as well but not on my older body. It will look great on you.

spillyjane said...

you and the tweedy bits...i'll have you know my hands were twitching! if you're happy with them, i'm happy. that is one cute sock!

Anonymous said...

That yarn is georgeous!
I'm not reallyu feeling anything from the new knitty...

Lesley McMillan said...


I have several Kaffe Fassett quilting books. Let me know if you want to borrow some. I can send them via Mike.

Rachel said...

The colorway looks great in the socks! Very impressive.

And yes, coachella is seriously hot. Way too hot for a fuddy duddy like me. YOU, though, should go for it.