Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finished Socks and Kitty Jarheads (Heather)

While not the most productive weekend knitting-wise, I did manage to finish Mike's second sock. I've even sewed in the ends since I took this picture!

Yarn: Regia Canadian Colour
Pattern: My standard sock pattern.
Needles: Addi Turbo 2mm 32"circ
Sleeping Cat: Molly

While Gen and I were shlepping around downtown TO on Friday, we came across Romni's brand spankin' new Fleece Artist shipment. Gen managed to snag a 750m ball of fingering weight Merino for a really great price. The same price, actually, as the 325m skeins.

And it don't look too shabby, either! I am in love with this yarn! Gen cannot resist the lure of potential itty-bitty baby garments. They are like potato chips! Finish your blanket first!

Do you know how long it takes to wind 750m of yarn?

A loooooooong time.

The basil continues to shoot up. I took this picture after I snipped off the entire top leaf growth in an attempt to stop the plant from getting tall without getting wide. Anyone got a good recipe for pesto that wouldn't require garlic?

Now that the sock is done, I am free to start a fun sock. I have so many top-of-the-list socks that I am having a hard time choosing. In the meantime, I am going to finish Amaya.

In completely random and probably unneeded news, the catnip has gotten sufficiently low in the container that Molly has to stick her entire head in to get at the yummy catcrack. This makes me laugh more than it ought to, I suspect.

Phlox won't even try...


Anonymous said...

I love winding yarn, but 750m sure is alot. It's such a great color though, I see how your friend coundn't resist!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Great socks. I love the colour of that yarn. I can see why you laugh at Molly

Azura said...

Can you email me those pictures please?

Also, Dee has potentially talked me out of knitting a baby something and into knitting something for me. Perhaps socks, if either your or she can teach me how to start at the toe :)

spillyjane said...

i get bored winding 440 yards at a time! you have the patience of several minor religious figures!

Rachel said...

Nice lookin' sock! And I really like the new Fleece Artist yarn? What will you use it for?

Francesca said...

Phlox? As in Dr. Phlox of the Enterprise?

Heather G. said...

Francesca: Our cat came pre-named, and he is both named for the illustrious doctor and for the ancient Greek word for fire. We are geeky people 'round these parts!

(I call him Phloxy-Lady... I am sure it is no more emasculating than having been neutered)