Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot and Bothered (Heather)

Not a lot of knitting being done Chez Heather, for various reasons. It's been a busy time, not the least reason being that my husband Mike formally received his teaching degree last week!

I gotta say, I enjoyed the UWO ceremonies better than the U of T one, but perhaps that is a bias. Also, the B.Ed hoods? What an awful colour? I think they are supposed to be mint green, but due to there being at least three phases of the same hood, the colour varies from mint to chartreuse to crossing-guard-neon green. But it was neat to walk out of a door and see the CN Tower staring us in the face. And now Mike is a full-fledged teacher of high school Latin! I am very glad that he has found a career that he is passionate about and went and did what was necessary to achieve it. Who knows where this will take us?

I did manage to finish the first Dahlia sock!

Have I mentioned that I love this yarn?

I am rather partial to the finished sock, too.

This being the first sock I have knit without ribbing, I don't find that the picot edge slouches at all. The true test will be when I wear them for a day.

I finished the sock on Saturday and seamed on Amaya for awhile on Sunday, but it has been brutally hot here and the humidity has stolen my will to live. We have an air conditioner, but we haven't installed it because as long as I can live with just a fan (a really big one) I feel like it makes up for me using the electric dryer, not composting, and all the environmentally conscious things that are difficult to impossible to do in a wee apartment in a densely populated area.

I know that some people think we are crazy, but to be honest, I have lived in Southwestern Ontario my entire life and I only have air conditioning for two summers out of that. On top of that, we have poor fuses in our apartment that I am not sure could take the onslaught of the A/C (since they refuse to accommodate the microwave AND the kettle) and we only have two small windows and I am not prepared to give one up for the summer. I do have sympathy for Mike, since before he met me, he didn't really have a working knowledge of humidity (being a Vancouver native) but he seems to have accepted the summer extremes of Ontario as well as the winter ones.

The downside of the muggy state of our apartment is that the idea of knitting seems pretty abhorrent on days like this. I might head over the air-conditioned library if it gets really bad this afternoon, so maybe I will cast something on then. On the plus side, my herbs are growing like crazy!

Oh, I got my Ravelry invite today! I was so excited that I promptly signed up and misspelled my user name. I feel like a total idiot and am waiting to see if there is anything that can be done about it before I start using it. At least I can blame everything on the heat.


Adriana said...

Congrats to Mike for the graduating! But I have to ask, what's with the frilly tulle on his hood?

The sock looks super yummy. Just think how much fun you'll have wearing them when it's cool out. Maybe thoughts like that will help you get through the heat.

Can't wait to see you on Ravelry!

Heather G. said...

That frilly tulle is actually dirty fake fur. Classy, no?

Bertha said...

Dirty fake fur! Ha ha ha! Oh man, that's hysterical. That picture of the two of you is SO CUTE though! Congrats to him! That sock is looking pretty great too, I need to learn how to do that picot edge thing! so pretty!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

The sock looks great. The other pictures haven't shown up on my screen, I'll try again later. If we come out to see you, we might consider an a/c hotel.Lol

Sam said...

And you made fun of my airconditioned cave. HA! Congrats on Mike's B. Ed. and I agree; the Western hoods do look better.

Heather Layne from LJ said...

The fact that there is anyone in the world who can feel passionate (in a good way) about teaching Latin to high schoolers just boggles my mind, but someone's got to do it, right? Way to go, Mike! :)

I loff that Dahlia yarn too. Purdy.

Heather G. said...

Heather L: If he wasn't passionate about Latin, we would never have met! So thank goodness!

(The high school part? I don't share that)

Sner said...

Congrats on the teaching degree - now comes the fun part! I'm a high school English and Social Science teacher in Ottawa and I know the exciement of that grad very well. The sock looks fantastic. I wish I could do the no AC thing but I think it might actually cause me to melt!

spillyjane said...

congratulations, Mick!

we're on summer vacation on our end. it feels great!