Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Comings and Goings (Adriana)

Right before becoming embroiled in the excitement that is the Mystery Stole, I had cast on for the Lelah tank in my birthday Calmer. Work on this top has continued slowly since the body is a rather boring 6 row lace repeat over 176 stitches which has to be done 12 times. I figured it was time to show off what I've done so far.

This is after 9 repeats

Slightly blurry close up of the lace pattern

Held up to the window a la SpillyJane

I should mention that this top has been renamed "Leela" by the Spilly One after the character on Futurama. Jane is right now on a super cool road trip, hopefully not spending all her time knitting :)

Leela was the coming part of the title of this post. Now for the going.

Today at work I was pondering my first ever sweater, Tempting. It was such a thrill to make a real garment but I've only worn it twice in the 1.5 years since I made it.
Tempting in Mission Falls 1824 Wool, Crocus

Tempting in front of the Victoria BC Legislature buildings (Feb 2006)

The 2x2 rib makes the fabric seem too thick and the sleeves stop at an awkward spot. I am seriously considering ripping it out to make something that I will actually wear. I wanted to get some opinions on this plan before I go ahead. Any thoughts?

By the way, how great is Ravelry? I've been poring over sweater patterns today to see how I could repurpose this yarn and I can't even remember how I looked for patterns before. Best thing ever!!


Heather G. said...

Does the colour of the Calmer have anything to do with the renaming of the top?

I say go for the rip... I have outgrown my Tempting too. It was a great first sweater, but we are capable of better things now! And some of us are also several sizes smaller... (some of us not being me).

Adriana said...

I don't know about the colour aspect. I'll have to ask Jane when she gets back. It is very similar to the colour of her hair. Good point!

You should rip too! We could have a frogging party (and freak out the muggles!)

Azura said...

instead of ripping, you should be asking yourself "would this sweater fit Gen?"


Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

New sweater will look great on you. I say rip it out, it is all in the learning curve, finding out what kind of things you like to knit and wear.

spillyjane said...

L-e-e-l-a, Leela! i never realized how appropriate the colour actually was--i say go with it.

can't wait to see it finished!