Monday, August 20, 2007

Knitting Milestones (Adriana)

It’s a dreary day at work and all that is getting me through is the mantra “four more weeks, four more weeks, four more weeks.” Thinking about knitting always makes me feel better and today I have been thinking about knitting milestones. I’m sure most knitters have them, the pattern that you’ve been drooling over but you just don’t feel up to tackling, the one that when you are ready to do it you’ll know that you have arrived as a knitter. For me there are three such challenging patterns: Pomatomus, Peacock Feathers Shawl and an undecided colourwork sweater done with thin yarn and tiny needles (something Eunny has designed like the Venezia Pullover or the stunning Autumn Rose Pullover).

Recently SpillyJane (always one to push the knitting envelope) encouraged Heather and I to start a mini-KAL to knit the first item on my list: the fishy Pomatomus. It looks like such a complicated pattern so I was nervous to being. It didn’t help that I was adding an extra bit of difficulty by wanting to go toe-up. Luckily by blog hopping I managed to find detailed instructions to do just that.
I knit the toe and then dove into the pattern. To my shock and amazement it wasn’t that hard. I didn’t make mistakes and the design actually looks like the one in the pattern. I guess I shouldn’t be to surprised because knitting really is straight forward but I’d built this up to such heights of difficulty in my mind that it was a real surprise to be able to do it. It’s such a thrill to accomplish something that I’ve been a little afraid of for several years.

Close up of the cute twisted rib
(We've formed a KAL for this pattern on Ravelry if you care to join us. Look for "Something Fishy" in the groups section)

Now I feel like I can knit just about anything! (Except for a colourwork sweater. I need to work up to that and Spilly will be helping me with some mittens this winter).

So what are your knitting milestones and have you accomplished them yet?


spillyjane said...

congratulations on hitting your first milestone, lady! the sock looks great.

one of my milestones was finishing my first triangular shawl, the Shetland Triangle. another would be my first Latvian mitten. i'm coming up to another one at present--self-publishing my first two patterns.

Stephanie said...

Great Socks! I like the colors, they remind me of fish as well.

I am working on Fair Isle fingerless gloves. My first FI and my first gloves!

Azura said...

Every time you wrote Pomatomus, I was thinking Potamus, as in HippoPotamus.

It made for some interesting imagery in my head... I think maybe I need more tea on this fine (early) morning.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Pomatomus looks great. Just figuring out socks in general was a major milestone for me.

Kare said...

I just discovered your blog and wow! I love it! I'll be back.

Heather G. said...

I have some similar milestones, and I agree that this one seems strangely do-able once you start!