Thursday, August 2, 2007


As I was sitting at the computer resizing pictures I kept hearing a rustling sound reminiscent of Cleo playing in a grocery bag. Since Cleo is happily sleeping in her cup I was starting to get a little freaked out. A quiet wander around the apartment revealed the source of the sound, a fly trying in vain to break through the window to the outside world. Now that I know what the sound is it's hard to imagine that I mistook it for Cleo in a bag. It's funny the games the mind plays.
But enough about that. On to the knitting!

Life's been very hectic and very stressful recently so I haven't had time for much knitting, and that which has been accomplished is not ready to show off yet, but I do have a couple of goodies for your viewing pleasure.

Thing #1:
Regia Silk sock yarn in colour Roma. Any guesses what these might be? Think who I've knit for in the past with Regia Silk. If you guessed my granny you'd be right! This yarn was deeply discounted which is why I got it even though I'm not sure if I like the colours. It's a good thing Granny can't see and can just feel the luscious silkiness of this truly luxurious but well-wearing sock yarn.

Thing #2:
naive sock1

naive sock2
This is the start of the a Naive sock, designed by the one and only Spillyjane! She asked me to test knit it, which I was glad to do until I remembered how much I hate dpns (Addi circs all the way, baby!). Also, I encountered the hazard of the test knitter, incorrect instructions. I did one too many repeats for the cuff and was too discouraged to tink back 5 rounds on the smelly dpns. Luckily it's Spillyjane to the rescue and she will do the tinking for me when she's in town tomorrow. Thus work will resume of these lovely socks which are being knit up in my own Deegu.

Well, that's enough silliness for now. The long weekend beckons and with it the promise of more performances and more friends (Spilly and Mr. Spilly on Friday and Heather, Mike and Gen on Sunday!). If you are having a long weekend where you are, enjoy it. If not, a two day weekend is still pretty great :)


spillyjane said...

that's a good looking sock! i will be happy to play with it for you.

Stephanie said...

I like the colors of the yarn. It seems very fall-leaf inspired!

Heather G. said...

Love that naive sock! I am a baaaaad beta tester.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Your sock is looking great, I am looking forward to seeing spillyjane's pattern.

Rachel said...

I rather like the Regia colors. I bet they look better than you expect when they get knit up.