Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Part 1 (Adriana)

I hope that everyone had/is having a great holiday. Mine was different than previous years but it was still enjoyable. This year not only were my parents in a new house, but Pete was there with me and we spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day with his family.

Tree 2007
The beautiful Christmas tree at my parents' house. Decorating it is one of my favourite part of the holidays and I was so happy to have Pete's help this year.

After making sure that the cat was settled safely with my folks we were off to Pete's parents' house. Since this was my first Christmas with them I came bearing a pie (apple) with Julie's patented star top crust!
The pie was a big hit.

Pete's mom is a knitter so I knew that she would appreciate what I had made for her
Colleen Scarf2
Dayflower Scarf made with Silky Wool

Colleen Scarf1
Doesn't it look great on her?

I'm so glad my parents moved because their new house is only 90 minutes from Pete's parents which made for a very pleasant drive on Christmas (before the move it would have been more than 4 hours).
As always, my granny loves her socks.
granny socks 2007b
Regia Silk Color in Roma (from Yarn 4 Socks), my own pattern (available here)

I wasn't sure what to give my uncle Peter so on a whim I decided to make him Sheldon. It was a great choice because I think he likes it better than anything I've given him before.
wrapped turtle
Pete and I had fun with the wrapping

turtle for blog
Uncle Peter has named this turtle Tommy and apparently he and Granny have been fighting over it. I think I might need to check out more knitted toy patterns in the future :)

It's such a great feeling to have something you knitted with love be so well received. Christmas is much more fun now that I'm a knitter. More posts to come in which I will show off the yummies I received and the present which made my parents cry (in a good way).

One more thing, I made a little hat for Bertha's daughter June to celebrate her first Christmas. You've got to check out the cute pictures!


spillyjane said...

I LOVE the way you wrapped the turtle for your uncle! I'm going to be laughing about it all night.

Also, that is one gorgeous pie!

Azura said...

So pretty :) Sounds like you had a nice Christmas

And wow. Pete looks a lot like his mom ;)

Bertha said...

Oh man, that pie looks incredible! I LOVE the star crust!!!

Heather G. said...

Ok, after Jane's comment, I had to go back and look more closely at the wrapping. So cute! Although I almost expected it to be a couch or something from IKEA. ;)

Looks like a wonderful knitted Christmas from here, and Pete DOES look a lot like his mom!

Rachel said...

Wow, Pete's family must adore you given that you arrive bearing such wonderful gifts! That star-topped pie is genius.

Happy New Year!