Monday, January 28, 2008

Mission Possible (Adriana)

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support for my parents' quilt. It makes me feel so good.

Lately I've been feeling strange about knitting. After the Christmas rush I've been craving fast projects and I have been wanting to knit for other people. I've also been feeling the urge to stashbust. I figure that now is a good time to work through a chunk of my stash while I'll not employed since hopefully by the fall I'll have a great job and be able to buy yarn when I want it (instead of hoarding it). I'd come up with these thoughts on my own, and then I read about Mission Possible 2008 on Turtlegirl's blog. The idea is to finish some UFOs or use up some specific part of your stash during 2008. I thought this was a great idea and quickly made a list of 12 items to knit:
Chevron Scarf with peach Koigu and stashed sock yarn - I bought this peach Koigu on sale and then promptly got buyer's remorse. I think a Chevron scarf will be a good use for it.
Do something with the red merino from Vancouver - already underway. I'm making a red extra-slouchy hat for my girl Emma.
Make at least one shawl using laceweight from stash - sometimes I feel like I'm being buried under the weight of my laceweight stash (which really isn't all that big) so I want to make a dent in it
Finish my blasted MS3 already! - self explanatory
Make a huggable hedgehog - early Christmas plotting
Knit a summer top that I'll actually wear - *sigh* why don't I wear my knitted garments? That's a subject for another post.
Knit second Naive sock - I dislike having UFOs kicking around and I have two unfinished socks!
Knit second Pomatomus sock - see above
Play with my Kid Silk Haze - one of these days I'm going to get over my fear of sticky mohair and give it a try. I do have 4 balls in my stash after all (a sweet score when someone destashed)
Use purple Koigu from Christmas to make Annetrelac socks - I started making these Nutkins which were so cute, but I lost interest in the pattern. I'm all about entrelac these days so I think these socks will hold my interest longer.
Super cute socks but I just wasn't feeling it anymore so they've been frogged.

Use up WotA bulky - maybe legwarmers (I might replace this one with using up the grey Jo Sharp)
Finish the second Simply Lovely Lace Socks - done!
simply lovely lace socks
These socks were intended for Gen for Christmas but somehow they ended up being too small for her (I don't know what I was thinking). In a fit of madness I ripped the socks back to the heel to see just how much too small they were (they were very very much too small for Gen). I've been playing Cinderella trying to find feet for these socks and hopefully I have now. Gen will get Deegu socks that actually fit at some point (I've got to break out the dyes).

I feel like this is a very doable list, so much so that I have told myself that if I make it through the list in the next 6 months, I get to buy myself something fun and frivolous.

In other news, Heather and I have received the "You Make My Day" Award from Bertha!
The rules say that we have to list our 10 fave blogs. Since I've got to run in a few minutes, I've quickly come up with a short list of my favourite blogs. Heather, feel free to add to this list.

SpillyJane - our own SpillyJane is a knitting, designing machine!
Karma Kitties - I'm sending this right back to you, Bertha. Your blog always makes me smile, especially when you show pictures of June.
Azura's Vices - now that we got Gen knitting she can't seem to stop!
Lickety Knit - Rachel's blog, now in a monthly format, is always hilarious
Phoe Knits - I recently discovered Phoe through Bertha and I've been greatly enjoying reading all of her adventures
Team Knit - I was so excited to randomly come across Julie and to discover that we'd gone to the same high school and even know some of the same people (such a small world!). I always love seeing the beautiful and creative knits that Julie and Jen come up with.


steph said...

I like the purple sock. I think I might try some nutkins for me!

Bertha said...

Aw, thanks! Also, hooray for 2008 knitting goals! I hope you accomplish them all, seems like a manageable list!

Azura said...

Yay! Deegu for Gen!

... and can I borrow the hedgehog pattern when you're done? it's adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Woo! Thanks! I'm looking at that Mission Possible 2008 thing right now, it sounds like something I might have to do. :)

spillyjane said...

Thanks so much, lady! Good luck with your plan for 2008. I've resolved to be just as bad as I was in 2007, knitting-wise. :P

Heather G. said...

Where the heck did my comment go?

Ah well, I think I said: awesome picks on making our day, I may in fact add a few!

And now I have a powerful urge to cast on a nutkin.