Saturday, February 2, 2008

Christmas Again? (Adriana)

Last Saturday Pete had a play he'd written performed in a local playwright's cabaret. Naturally my whole family wanted to come see it (the joys of having family living so close). I took this opportunity to pull together some projects I was making for various members of my family. It was almost like Christmas again!

I had finished Dad's Ginormous socks early in the new year. If you're making socks for big feet worsted weight on 3.25mm needles is definitely the way to go. I probably used about 300m of yarn, Patons Classic Merino.
dad's sock
They will keep my dad's feet warm when he's working in the workshop (aka the garage)
(I did actually make two of them)

I'd been bemoaning the lack of knitting projects recently and mom suggested that I knit a bag for Granny to hold her multitude of pills (she'd been using a grocery bag up till now). I wanted to make it a tactile experience for her so I used many different fibres (it was also a great excuse to use up some of the stash)
granny and bag
From the bottom up there's Paton's Classic Merino (from mom's Fake Isle Hat), some red fun fur leftover from a Booga Bag, blue Classic Merino from dad's socks, some acrylic mom bought me when I first started knitting before she learned that I was a yarn snob, more Classic Merino from dad's socks, SWS (from the Fake Isle Hat), more purple Classic Merino, topped off with mohair from the Fleece Artist mitten kit given to me by my brother. This bag was clearly a family affair.

I was really feeling like stash busting so I suggested to mom that I knit her a pillow with the yarn left over from her blanket. Since I've been so into entrelac these days I decided to use that technique to show off the stunning colours of the Noro.
The back uses up some of the pink Peruvian Highland wool.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Heather G. said...

I like the idea of a tactile bag! I have been contemplating knitting a scarf for a visually impaired coworker, and I have been thinking about different textures that I can achieve (but with the same strand of yarn).

Love me some Noro entrelac, too!

spillyjane said...

What nice, fun projects, lady! I'm glad everyone loved everything. :)

Bertha said...

Wow, I really love the Noro pillow!

happy2knit said...

What a cute Granny!