Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Chevron Scarf of My Very Own (Adriana)

For at least a year I've been wanting to knit a Chevron scarf. I think the first one that caught my eye was Ashley's. Then there was Julia's. More recently Phoe offered up one for free on her blog but I sadly wasn't the first to ask for it. I was delighted to discover that Bertha was the lucky recipient. This is such a beautiful pattern that Phoe is actually in the process of knitting another one (or will be once her arm pain goes away).
These scarves are so beautiful and so different depending on the two yarns used. I remember emailing Heather while I was at work last spring telling her how much I wanted to knit one but I couldn't decide on the yarn. Luckily I got distracted by different knitting projects. This fall I scored some Koigu on sale but promptly got buyer's remorse (the skeins are small and they aren't the same colour). Then for Christmas Heather gave me some lovely FA Merino Sock Special Seconds which is beautiful but I was worried about how well socks would wear given that the yarn is fairly thin in places. Necessity is the mother of invention and, after being encouraged by Bertha, I cast on while in the bus station at 7am Monday morning. I pretty much randomly chose these two colours and I didn't have a clue what they would look like knit up. Imagine my shock and delight to see this unfold in front of me:
chevron scarf
It's like magic!! I'm so in love with this scarf it's all I've been working on these days. Once it gets too big for bus knitting I guess I'll have to start the second purple Koigu sock but until then I will continue to watch the beautiful colours come together.


spillyjane said...

I just love the pastels with the deeper red yarn! WHat a great combination!

Bertha said...

Oh my goodness, that could NOT look more gorgeous!!!

Azura said...


Now I want to make one!

Kate Schmidt said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks great!

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