Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dyeing Orange (Adriana)

A few days ago Phoe sent out a call for orange sock yarn so that she could do a rainbow of socks, like B is doing. I'd been wanting to dye some yarn for her for a little while now, especially since she's sending me her lovely Phairo scarf which was offered up on her free stuff page.
I wasn't sure how she wanted the yarn dyed so I offered her the choice of solid, semi-solid, variegated, stripes or gradient stripes. She was intrigued by the last option, an idea which had occurred to me as I was falling asleep one night so I wasn't sure how it would actually pan out.

I stretched the yarn out down my hallway the way I always do when I dye striped yarn. I laid it out zig-zagged on my counter so that I could see the whole length. I started with pale yellow, and gradually added more red as I went along. It involved some of trial and error; I ended up going too dark at one point and had to jump ahead in my colours. It was a lot of fun and I think it turned out beautifully.
phoe yarn 1

Here it is on my dying rack:
phoe yarn 2

And finally all wound up:
phoe yarn 3

Phoe, I hope you like it! I can't wait to see how it looks all knit up.


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! I just hope the scarf lives up to that yarn!

Bertha said...

Wow, gorgeous!! And I can't wait to see you in that incredible scarf!

Azura said...

Wow! You're a very talented dyer! I couldn't even get tie-dye right ;)

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Great job, looks like the dyeing lesson took pretty well.

Notebooks said...
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happy2knit said...

What kind of dye did you use?