Friday, March 21, 2008

In which Adriana does some colour magic

A few weeks ago, B sent me some yarn to overdye for her (remember the exploded package of goodies?). She'd asked me to dye it a nice springy green. Unfortunately I haven't had much experience with overdyeing yarn and so I quickly realized that adding green to mustard yellow gives you swamp green (not attractive). I instead opted to go with blue in the hopes of losing the icky colour. It was an interesting process because the Araucania Nature Wool is kettle dyed to begin with so it took the dye differently in places. After several trips into the dye bath, I finally had yarn that I deemed good enough for B.

From yellow:
package from B2

To blue:

I think it kind of has a Malabrigo effect. B, I hope you like it as much in person. I can't wait to see it knit up.

Recently Phoe offered up her Phairo scarf on her free stuff page and I was thrilled to be the recipient of it (I dyed her the orange yarn in exchange). When it arrived I really liked the scarf but not the colour of the yarn. Luckily it's soy which apparently takes dye like wool so into the pot it went.

I took this:
phairo scarf1

And magically transformed it into this:
phairo scarf2

That colour is much more me. Thanks again for the scarf, Phoe. I can't wait until it gets warm enough for me to need a lighter weight scarf.


Bertha said...

Wow!! Not only is my yarn now awesome, that scarf is now super awesome! I love how it took the dye! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow, both the yarn and the scarf look awesome! The bluey green really REALLY takes that scarf from meh to wow!