Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yarn to Dye, Yarn to Love (Adriana)

About a month ago B from Karma Kitties dropped me an email asking if I could overdye some yarn she'd bought which looked very different in person than on her monitor. I was happy to help out and told her to send it on over. In exchange for my dyeing services, B was going to send me some yarn from her beautiful and often coveted stash.

The package arrived yesterday but unfortunately not in perfect condition.
package from B
At some point in transit the package seems to have exploded. Luckily it's pretty hard to hurt yarn so everything seems just fine, even if covered in papery bit.

Here's a picture of the yarn in it's current state (I can't justify washing yarn when I have readings to do. I promise better pictures later).
package from B2
To say that B spoiled me is a huge understatement! The yarn on the left is Araucania Nature Wool which needs overdyeing. On the lower right is Malabrigo in Amoroso (I loooove Malabrigo). Above it to the right is Sunshine Yarn superwash merino sock yarn (I've drooled over Dani's lovely yarns for a while now). The light blue/grey yarn at the top is, wait for it... Handmaiden Cashmere! B, you shouldn't have! But the best part, the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance, is that unassuming green sock yarn at the top which arrived without a label and so I didn't know what I had at first. That, my friends, would be Sundara sock yarn in Pine over Gold (swoon!). Sundara's yarn is hard to get ahold of for anyone and it's especially a challenge for Canadians when shipping roughly equals the cost of the yarn itself.

B, I don't know how to thank you for these beautiful yarns. I promise to do the best job I can to dye your yarn to a colour you will love.


Heather G. said...

Geez, you weren't kidding when you say it exploded... maybe you should try vacuuming the yarn before you wash it... lest the papery bits get all sludgy?

(btw, sludgy is one strange-looking word)

Bertha said...

Yay and Boo! Yay that you like the yarn and boo to the papery bits! I agree with the vacuuming suggestion! I hope it's all depaperable!

Anonymous said...

There's just something about those bags that like to explode. But great yarn!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Even an exploded package was a good thing. So there is a little clean up involved. You could try a lint brush or a big piece of tape to pick up the paper bits.