Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Chevron Scarf Goes On (Adriana)

I think Heather said it best when she said "nothing seems to inspire project monogamy like explicitly stating that I plan on making it a long term work-in-progress."
That's how I feel about my Chevron Scarf. Given that the pattern takes the same amount of yarn as two pairs of socks, I had fully intended to knit this slowly over the next few months so that it would be done in time for spring. So much for that. Instead it's literally all I've worked on for the past week. At least that means I'll be ready when spring does come.
This is the latest section I knit:
chevron scarf3
It looks a little different than the last picture I showed you, right?
Here's why:

This is the yarn I'm using:
peach Koigu
Koigu KPPPM in P511L on the left and P210 in the centre and right.
These colours didn't look too different in the skein so I assumed that they would work out when knit up, however there is a marked difference once it's combined with the red yarn.
You can sort of see the difference here (it's clearer in person):
chevron scarf2

I'm now down the darker yarn and ready to go back to the lighter one. My theory is that it will all blend together once it's worn and laypeople won't be able to notice a difference. And I'll have the darker section against my neck so I won't be able to see the difference myself :)

ETA: Thanks for the feedback, ladies. I'm glad it's all in my head :)


Bertha said...

You seriously picked the perfect colors to combine together, it all just looks SO pretty! And I definitely don't think you'll notice the shade difference when worn!

Azura said...

... I would not have been able to tell if you hadn't pointed it out, and even then I had to stare at the picture for a few minutes.

Team Knit ! said...

I don't think the colur shifts are as noticeable as you think, and once it's all done, it'll look awesome.

- Julie