Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And We're Off (Adriana)

Today is our last day at home for the next month. Naturally, since there is so much to do, I got together with my wedding buddy Kristy and we checked out dresses (one of them has serious potential but I can't find a picture online). We also investigated floral options. I've been struggling to put together a budget so it's good to find out some estimates.

Lately I've been running around like chicken with it's head cut off (which is ok because even headless chickens have their good days) but I've still managed to get in some knitting (of course).

Look! I finished the Endpaper Mitts!
A double layer of wool is perfect for the summertime :)

I'm very proud of these, actually. I haven't done much FI in the past so it's pretty exciting that they actually look like they are supposed to.
The obligatory inside-out shot

Way back in February I bought a cell phone. Naturally I decided to make a cozy for it (loosely based on this pattern). I finished and felted it in one day but I kept forgetting to put on a button until this weekend.
Cute, eh? I used Frog Tree Merino which I had overdyed blue

Lately Pete's been on a kick to keep us from being poisoned by plastic water bottles (weird, huh?) so we recently invested in these pretties. They are great because they don't slowly kill you but they aren't so good at keeping the water cold. Water bottle cozy to the rescue!
This is a pattern I designed myself and knit in a couple of hours. It's in the project details on Rav if you're interested in making one for yourself.

I guess I should get back to packing. I hoping to be able to check email from the road but I won't be able to blog until the second leg of the tour which we are spending at my parents'. I hope everyone has a great rest of June. See you in July!


Anonymous said...

Your mitts look great! I'm going to have to queue them up for myself too. (And maybe some Christmas gifts as well!)
Have a great run! Don't forget to have fun!

Anonymous said...

1) Have fun!

2) I hope you have internet access somewhere.

3) I love the mitts!

4) I am also a Sigg user and am adding that cozy to my queue. Yes.

Mary deB said...

I think I spied Heather in the pictures of the party at Lettuce Knit the other day. scroll down, waaaay down, at http://paddymadden.blogspot.com/

Bertha said...

Your mitts turned out perfectly!!! Look how nice and neat the floats are! I hope you have a super great trip! I'm trying to get Matt on the Sigg-wagon myself!

Fuji Mama said...