Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Colourful Thoughts (Adriana)

My friends, I am exhausted! Today at the museum I assisted with a children's party, ate way too much cake, worked as security for a press conference with the attorney general, and got hit on by a very creepy guy. My feet are so sore and I'm daydreaming about pretty but expensive shoes that make my feet feel great after a long day.

I had a feeling that I would be tired tonight so I prepared some pictures to show you. As most of you know, I'm engaged!! It is terribly exciting and I am so happy. We haven't set a date yet because I've been busy with school and my placement, and Pete is freaking out over his multiple Fringe shows this summer. We haven't even settled on a time of year yet, though it will be either spring or fall (I dislike hot, muggy weather and our fathers have forbidden a winter wedding). I can't plan anything yet but I can daydream and I've been thinking a lot lately about colour schemes. If we get married in the fall it's easy; I want to work with the colours in fall leaves.
Here is a collection of random pictures that caught my eye:
Red wedding
The top picture is my inspiration for the colour scheme. Also, I have my heart set on a bouquet of red roses.

If we decide to get married in the spring my thoughts aren't as clear. I love the beautiful green of new buds on trees, but green doesn't always look good on people.
green wedding

I also like yellow, which also doesn't always look good on people.
yellow wedding

I have also thought about navy blue with yellow as an accent but I couldn't find any pictures as examples.

So, some help please. I'm totally waffling on this whole spring colour thing. I know that blue would be an obvious choice but too many of my friends used blue as their colour scheme (which was lovely but I want to do something different). Pete is morally opposed to brown in weddings so that's off the table. He's not a big fan of pink, and our Alma Mater's colours are purple and white so purple probably wouldn't work, except that maybe light purple and blue might look nice.
Thoughts please! Advice from people who have chosen their wedding colours would also be greatly appreciated.


Bertha said...

I was about to leave you a giant comment with links to pictures of our wedding color, but I am not sure the comment will post with that many links so I'll just email you ;)

Azura said...

I already have a dress in the red colour you picked, and in two (or three?) in the icy blue... so if I'm in your wedding party, those are my votes ;)

If not, well, I'll probably wear one of those dresses anyway! :)

Seriously, if you pick two colours, like pink and blue for example, then those in your party who don't look good in one can wear the other. Or you can do shades (light pink and a slightly darker pink). I'd figure out who you're having in your wedding before you decide what colour to dress them in. But you can pick an overall colour and then work with shades of that colour.

Heather G. said...

if it were me, and the spring, I would probably go with green. There are lovely lovely shades of green to be had, and it is so symbolic and fresh and happy.

(and I personally think that green tends to look better on people than yellow)

Anonymous said...

For spring: I like yellow too. And everyone can wear yellow, just not the same shade. Green's a winner. What about a more pale aqua as opposed to blue? Like robin's egg blue with chocolate highlights? Very sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for wedding planning!

I think green is a better choice than yellow, but I second the idea of aqua or turqoise. It's too bad he's so against brown though. Spring colors with brown are so classy.

It probably is best to decide who your attendants will be before you decide on a color though. And look around at pictures besides weddings. You can find a lot of inspiration in a lot of unexpected places.