Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WIP Wednesday (Adriana)

This is my first WIP Wednesday and I think I might be a little too excited about it.

I haven't made any progress on the knee socks since I showed them to you last. I haven't knit on Flannery recently either, but I do think you're owed an updated picture.

Look at that cool cable! I really should pick this project up again. It's a seriously fun knit.

A few days ago I alluded to having cast on something new to break my knee socks monogamy. I randomly decided that I needed a new shrug, and that I should use the Mission Falls yarn from my frogged Tempting. I wandered over to the shrugs section of the pattern page on Ravelry and #4 (the Ribbed Lace Bolero) on the list was perfect for my needs (something quick and easy to memorize). I've been too busy to give this shrug much attention but it's still moving along quite quickly (I knit on it today at working during my occupational H&S training :P).
It doesn't look like much just yet but here it is:

Thanks for all the comments on my colour post yesterday. After putting together all those collages I started to second guess some of my choices. I still love red for a fall wedding but if circumstances dictate a spring wedding then I'm starting to lean towards light purple with blue accents. This way I could put the attendants in purple but the blue would keep it from seeming like we're advertising our Alma Mater. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but that's the plan for tonight :)


Anonymous said...

That sock is cool! It looks like a lot of fun.
I think if you used the right shade of purple, it wouldn't look like school colors at all. I imagine your alma mater's purple is a royal kind of purple. You could do something a little more subdued.
I think I need a shrug too. I'm going to go look up that pattern!

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to take some pictures of my own WIPs.

That sock is super pretty!

Team Knit ! said...

You'll love that shrug, I promise- I wear mine all the time, I'm going to knit more in other colours!

- Julie