Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Monumentous Event (Adriana)

When I drafted up this blog post at work (sometimes data entry gets just a little bit boring :P) I hadn't realized that I going to be making the 100th post to this blog. It's a pretty exciting event and one which I'd like to celebrate by doing a magic trick.
Watch as I turn this:

Into this:
(Yarn posed in front of Cleo's cat tent.)

This magical moment was brought to you by:
The lovely duo of Ballwinder and Swift! (I got the idea from Heather's frogging of the Kermit Sweater)

As much as I'm tempted (tee hee, accidental pun!) to start a sweater with this reclaimed yarn right away it is definitely too hot for that right now. But it is tank top weather and work on Leela has been ongoing, albeit slowly. Things are very busy around here these days. Pete is doing a one-man show in the local fringe festival (website here for those interested) and I've been helping out however I can. Also I've been picking up overtime at work to earn some extra cash for when I get back to school in the fall.
Despite all these distractions I have managed to make some progress on the mystery stole. Here it is after completing clue 2 (I neglected to post about this earlier)

And after clue 3:

Close up on the beautiful pattern

I'm still a ways behind as clue 4 was released without me realizing it. Hopefully I'll be able to get to work on it soon. Part of what makes this project so much fun is seeing the pattern develop as I knit it so I'm worried about seeing spoilers on the net.

Time to get back to Leela. I'm well into the stockinette stitch portion so my goal is to have it finished for this weekend so I can wear it to the show. I promise pictures when it's done!


Heather G. said...

I did notice that my last post was #99, but I forgot to mention it. We made it to 100!

I haven't even cast on for a new project yet. No ambition at all.

spillyjane said...

go lady! i'm so proud of you for being ambitious and frogging Tempting. it's like finding free yarn!

MS3 is looking good, i should probably stop ignoring mine and get back to it.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

100 blogs congrats to you both. How many clues for the mystery stole?

Stephanie said...

I am impressed with you MS3. Mine is not even past Chart A, and I am thinking of frogging it.