Thursday, June 12, 2008

WIP Thursday (Adriana)


Clearly I've made some progress on the first Endpaper Mitt. I'm always surprised at how fast Fair Isle knits up. This is helping me get over my fear of colourwork and the Jane and I are in negotiations for her to design a mitten for me to knit(yay!!).

I meant to blog this yesterday but then life exploded, except it was in the best way possible. You see, it was my birthday and I had the most terrific day. I worked in the morning and then went to try on wedding dresses with my official Keeper-of-the-Bride's-Sanity (if you think that's a weird title I also have a Bagel-of-Honour. This is such a wacky wedding). After trying on dresses (no winners but I did narrow down the bridesmaid dress colour) I went for a nice long swim at the gym. It was truly delicious (I love swimming!). The perfect day was capped off by a visit from my parents who took Pete, my brother and I out to dinner. I ate so many shrimp! It really want one of the best birthday's I've ever had.

The next time I post I'm going to ask your opinions on what yarn I should take on tour with me. I will definitely be hitting up some yarn stores but I need to bring a supply with me to last until the shopping can begin. I'm thinking socks are the way to go. But what yarn and what patterns? That's where you all will come in :)


spillyjane said...
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spillyjane said...

Previous comment deleted by me due to stupid typo.

I say stick with mittens over socks because that Endpaper Mitt looks great, lady! The Palette wants to come with youuu...

If you're doing socks, remember the importance of a agood yarn that does all the work for you. Plainsocks are the best relief from crazy patterns (if you've seen the stuff I make, you'll understand.)

Bertha said...

It was your birthday?! Aw crap, I missed it! I suck! I'm glad you had a good day though!

The endpaper mitt looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I love that Endpaper mitt!

I recommend Quill Lace, it's quite fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!
The mitt looks great! You should definitely try to finish the other one, even if you do have to take it on tour.
You didn't share what color you picked for your dresses! What color?! What color?!