Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Inspiration (plus Destashing!) (Adriana)

A few weeks ago Phoe decided to have a contest in honour of her 300th post. She challenged her readers to take three pictures of things that inspire us. I wanted to do it but life has a way of taking time away from blogging so I'm just squeaking by before the deadline.

cn tower
For many people, the CN Tower is the symbol of Toronto. For me, it symbolizes a lot more. It symbolizes my future because, you see, Pete and I are moving there this fall. I'm almost done school and while there are some good arts organizations here in London, there are so many more in Toronto. Pete wants to continue writing music and plays, and he feels that he has exhausted most of the opportunities here. In short, it just makes sense for us to move.
I never thought I could live in Toronto. Visiting there last fall (when this picture was taken, ironically) I informed Pete that I could only tolerate to visit, I could never live there. Two months later, I changed my mind. It just made so much more sense for us to be where all the opportunities are (not to mention so many of our friends).
When I think about Toronto, I get excited. I think about the great (well-paying) job I'm going to have, all the new places we're going to explore, all the people we'll be able to spend time with, and all the cool and exciting things Pete will get a chance to do.
I'm so excited sometimes I don't think I can wait two months to move :)

In the summer of 2005, when we lived out in BC, Pete and I rented a car and drove into Vancouver Island. We went to Nanaimo (I got to swim in the ocean!), and spelunking and hiking through some beautiful parks. It was amazing and definitely my favourite of our many trips.
Travel is something that Pete and I want to do more of in the future. So far we've been to Vancouver Island, Seattle, Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa. Next summer we are planning on going to the east coast, and we want to go somewhere exotic for our honeymoon. More vague future travels will include an Alaskan cruise and many trips to Europe.
This picture represents our love of travelling and inspires me to plan more exciting trips in the future.

My Rings
You had to know that I couldn't list things that inspire me without mentioning my wedding :)
These are my rings. The top one is my engagement ring and the bottom is my wedding band, which was actually my Granny's wedding ring.
I just love Granny's ring, I always have. It makes me think of my beloved grandmother (obviously) and my wonderful grandfather (who died in 1994). This ring, with it's good quality diamonds set in platinum, makes me see just how much Grandpa loves Granny (they were married in 1942, during the war). It represents my family, my grandparents, my parents, my brother, aunts and uncles, everyone that I called family when I was growing up. And it also represents the family that I will have in the future. This is a very special ring.
But my engagement ring represents Pete and I. We picked it out together on that amazing day when we went ring shopping together and I kept making him ask me again because I just couldn't believe that he had really proposed. This ring I get to wear right now, and every day I look at it and I marvel at the fact that someone loves me enough to want to marry me. This is also a very special ring.
And don't they look great together? It's like they were made for each other which is especially remarkable since Granny's ring is 66 years old.

Now that you've made it through the introspective portion of this blog post, time for the destashing!

Since we're moving soon I decided to get rid of the yarn that I just don't seem to want to knit with anymore. I loved them all at one point but, for one reason or other, they just haven't been knit.

They are all on my sell page on Rav but here are a few teaser pictures:
deegu angel
My handdyed in "Black and White and Red All Over"

6 balls of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy

classic silk
4 balls of Classic Elite Classic Silk

Feel free to make an offer or suggest a trade. Everything must go!


Heather G. said...

I am really keen on the Classic Silk... do you think there is enough for a top? If not, maybe the Hempathy? You can go stash diving when you come and visit :)

Bertha said...

OK. Those rings are totally gorgeous. Also, I totally have a copy of Itty Bitty Hats for you! I picked it up when I was making up your birthday package that I have still not sent because I suck, but which I will very soon, so don't trade for that!

Anonymous said...

Your rings are so beautiful, I can't believe how well they go together!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rings. They look like a matched set.