Friday, August 1, 2008

Surprise! (Adriana)

When I was in Ottawa I spent what little knitting time I had working on Granny's Christmas socks. By the time we got to my parents' house for the Toronto fringe, I was totally burned out on socks (just in time for the Summer of Socks, of course). Waiting for me on my bed was some sock yarn I'd ordered from the Unwind Yarn Company. Since I'm not one to put aside shiny new yarn I decided to knit EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket (Rav). I've wanted to make one for a while but I was a little afraid of it (for some reason). I was totally wrong. This is one of the funnest patterns out there! My favourite part is when someone asks what you're making and you have to explain that this thing that looks sort of like an amoeba is actually a baby sweater in disguise. When I cast off it couldn't have looked any less like a baby sweater:

but a few careful folds and Ta da!
Such cuteness!!

This pattern was so much fun that I immediately had to cast on another one, but in a self-striping yarn. I think this pattern is made for self-striping. I want to dye some self-striping yarn just to show it off in this pattern. This is Regia Canadiana in the Winnipeg colourway from the basement of Romni.

Look at the magical stripes!!

All these sweaters need now are some super cute buttons. I have some bumblebee buttons left over from Trellis but I only have enough for one sweater. I need your help to decide which sweater gets the bees and which will have to wait for its own buttons.

Choice #1

Choice #2

Please let me know which you think looks better.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and that Canadians enjoy their supersized weekend :D


Stephanie said...

I like the bees on the yellow one personally. But I love the colors of the second one!

Anonymous said...

I second Stephanie's opinion. The bees are awesome on the yellow sweater. However, I think purple buttons would look great on it too.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I like the bee buttons on the striped sweater, actually, I think they stand out more. But they look cute on the yellow/purple sweater too! It's a win-win, I think.

Bertha said...

I absolutely cannot decide which sweater I like the bees on! They match better with the yellow, but they show up better on the a very, very tight race, I'd have to vote with stripes just so that you can really see them, but I think they'd look adorable on either one!

Anonymous said...

I vote for choice 2. I like how the bees show up better on that.

EZ is a bloody genius, if you ask me. :)

Heather G. said...

Sweater number two gets the button!!

(I have to continually restrain myself from going down to the basement at Romni and buying up everysingleball of that Canadian Color)

Team Knit ! said...

They are both so cute!! But I think the bees should go on the yellow/purple sweater, much more fitting. The yarn looks like flowers and honey, so of course the bees would land there!

- Julie

happy2knit said...

Excellent job, my friend! I say the button should go on the second blue/brown one. They stand out is all their cute button-ness, but on the yellow they rather blend in.