Monday, January 22, 2007

A Hat for my Clap (Adriana)

The votes have been tallied and we have a winner:

My next project will be a Manos hat!
The yarn was purchased at Romni Wools in Toronto. It was not a preplanned purchase, like I usually do. We were drooling over the Manos when I spotted one which I thought was a pretty close match to the Silk Garden I used for my Clapotis. Since the Manos is more purpley than my Clap I also got some pink Cotton Fleece to use as lining which will peek out a bit to supply the much needed pink element.

While taking these pictures at Heather's she accused me of being too symmetrical

My attempt at non-symmetry

The Cotton Fleece undressed! Look! It's naked!

I will swatch for my hat tonight because winter has finally come to Southern Ontario and I wear my Clap everywhere. It's high time I had a matching hat :)

Speaking of Clapotis, while out at dinner with our respective partners on Saturday, Heather and I (both proud members of the Clap-club) spotted a Clapotis out in the wild! It was a very exciting moment for us. We weren't able to recognize the yarn used and were too chicken to approach the wearer but it was still very cool.


Samantha said...

You have to be careful when dealing with the clap in the wild. People might talk, ya know ;-) I think I need a hat more than I need my clap to be finished. Anyone know of a good hat with flaps pattern aside from Swell?

Rosemary said...

If I had been there at dinner, you couldn't have stopped me from going over to the Clap wearer. Finding out who she was, if she did the knitting and if she had a blog. It is time you girls printed a few business cards with the blog address for just those kinds of situations.

spillyjane said...

the manos is very pretty! that pink cotton fleece reminds me of the hat i almost made myself out of the LPW in RPM Pink (before it got turned into piggy mittens.)