Sunday, January 21, 2007

Possibilities (Adriana)

When I finished Tubey I was stuck as to what to knit next. I finally ended up casting on for a pair of Koigu socks to give myself something to knit on the trip to Toronto. I felt unsatisfied as a knitter because I was bereft of knitting projects. Luckily a trip to the yarn store with Heather solved that problem. But now I have a new problem: I have too much to knit!
I have Swallowtail on the needles which has been a UFO since August. I've abandoned it several times but now I have a reason to finish it; I want to wear it on Valentine's Day. So that means I need to knit at least a few rows on it a day. My question is what else I should be working on while finishing Swallowtail. Here is the list:

  • Manos hat to match my Clapotis
  • Granny's socks for her 90th
  • Secret Odessa
  • Finish Koigu sock
  • Knit second Trekking sock (Thanks Heather for sock #1!)
  • Stashbuster gloves in Silky Wool

My problem is I want to knit them all! Please help me out by voting on what else I should knit. Thanks :)


spillyjane said...

well, you can't go wrong with socks and hats are always quick knits...maybe work on finishing up one of the half-finished pairs of socks and cast on one of the hats at the same time? that way you'll have a little bit of variety on the needles.

Heather G. said...

I vote on things that can be knitted without the tiny needles you left here.

Manos hat first, 'cause I want to see the finished project we envisioned.

Genevieve said...

I'm never knitting Odessa again.

I realize this doesn't help you with your current knitting problem, but I just felt I had to point that out :)

Adriana said...

Thanks Gen :P

Anonymous said...

Manos hat. Because I like hats.

Samantha said...

Go for the hat first as you want to wear it sooner rather than later - it is cold! Any ideas on what you will knit with your Habu? :)

Adriana said...

Sam, I'll knit a shawl with my Habu! I'm still trying to find the perfect pattern for it. It might become a Flower Basket Shawl. I've got to get Swallowtail done before I'm allowed to start another one.
You getting any knitting done?