Friday, January 19, 2007

Tubey or not Tubey? (I couldn't resist :P) (Adriana)

Tubey is done!! I actually finished on Tuesday but I had to wait until I arrived at Heather's for pictures. Heather, Gen and I hit up a not-so-local yarn store and I spent too much money (but Heather was good, just getting what she needed to finish something). Due our adventures and a forgotten camera, we missed out on natural light so we had to get creative:

Dee's Tubey
Finished Tubey in the floral department at the local Loblaws :)
(Please note that you are not "technically" allowed to take pictures in Loblaws. The kind florist lady said that we could do it as long as we were fast)

Dee's Tubey 2
Just smellin' the flowers (I'd like to say that this picture lies and I do not have a big gut as it seems to show. That's all bulging fabric)

Dee's Tubey 4a
Tubey in all it's glory

Dee's Tubey 3a
Artsy shot!

This is, of course, Cassie Rovitti's Tubey knit in Mission Falls 1824 Wool (Natural, Teal and Mallow, I think). It was a pretty fast knit, done in 16 days. I love this wool; this is my second sweater made of it (and I have enough for a third). I think that this is my favourite handknit sweater (I especially like the bell sleeves) and I promise to wear it lots!
I tried on my sweater as I went along (the plus side to the unusual construction) to determine length and location of stripes. Unfortunately, MF is a very heavy wool, especially when wet so it stretched A LOT during the washing process. This resulted in a larger, or rather longer, garment that had been planned. I'll need to get the boyfriend's help next time to try to keep it in shape. Thank goodness for the elastic quality of wool.


Anonymous said...

I love the finished product!
Good Job!

spillyjane said...

nice sweater, lady!

Rosemary said...

The sweater looks great and I like how you did the stripes. I may have to give this sweater a try.

Samantha said...

I love the covert photos :) The sweater looks lovely on you. Congrats on another FO!

Glenna C said...

Very nice Tubey!
I've been eyeing that pattern ever since it came out and it looks so comfy.